Ethos fuel additive

OK. yet another “MIRACLE” gas additive.

Supposed to increase mileage and power and reduce emissions.

I think we’ve heard it all before.

Any chance this stuff actually works?


Well wait a minute. It may work. That is it may make money for the thief selling it.

I NEVER heard of the stuff…don’t know anyone who’s used it…YET I’LL GUARANTEE YOU IT DOESN’T WORK.

Probability: .00000000000000000976%

Great name. Worthless additive.

This has been discussed previously.

Just as I advised the woman who thinks that water can be substituted for gasoline, simply go to the “search” button at the top of the screen, and type in the word “scam”. That should bring up the earlier thread(s) on this topic as well as all of the other worthless devices that are currently being marketed to the gullible.

When this came up last time (w/in the last 2 weeks) some of the discussion revolved around the claim that it was non-petroleum based - but was made with a mineral oil base - which comes from petroleum.

I must have had time on my hands and I found this annoying so I went to the website and sent a “comment” asking how they could make this completely contradictory claim and asking what “fleets” of vehicles has proven its effectiveness. I was somewhat shocked b/c I actually got a reply that seemed not to be a form letter:


All your objections are valid and I congratulate you for thinking this through and not merely following the masses…
I am not a chemist nor a mechanical engineer, so I can’t explain how does Ethos work from those aspects.

What’s important to me is the simple answer to this question - does it work?

And it does for me, so I use it.
it also works for my dad, so he uses it.
Same with my friends (all those people you saw in the video on my site are people I personally know. I’ve filmed them, edited the footage and posted it on the site). Those people keep coming back to purchase more product from me, and they refer their friends to me. So it works for me.

As for the research and validation around the product -
Ethos Environmental is a publicly traded company, (and it takes a lot to become one), and so all the records are open. You can see that Ethos got the quality award from the Government of Mexico, where 24,000 Automotive Technicians Throughout Mexico say it’s their favorite product. You can see that the city of North Miami is now using it in all their Municipal Vehicles, and that the African Environmental Agencies Praise Effectiveness of Ethos FR®. You can read all about it here -

So that’s enough for me.

From your email I’m guessing that it’s probably not going to work for you, and that’s ok.

I wish you all the best.

You can read that how you want - I read it like this: scam. The reply was signed by the “Executive Director” who apparently knows nothing about the product - but I was relieved to know that his “dad” uses it as do lots of mechanics in Mexico. But if you really want to know I would look up the City of North Miami Municipal folks and try to ask one of their mechanics.

There is always a chance it might work. A fat one at best.

Ethos… Wasn’t that one of the Three Musketeers? :wink:

It’s not only a scam but a multi-level marketing scam; a.k.a. pyramid sales.
No chance on earth it works.

You can make some nice individual form letters with a nice computer program. How hard is it to press print.

Point well taken. You’re likely right - but of course that’s just more scam written all over it.

After one of the very early Ethos pitches to this forum long ago, I did some digging into who was behind the product.

1: It is sold via a multi-marketing scheme, which unfortunately has left many poorer “sales reps” in its wake - lured by the promise of big profits only to find big out-of-pocket costs.

2: The key players behind the company producing Ethos have a long trail of scam operations to their name.

3: There are many sites out there with active complaints about both Ethos and the company behind it.

Other regulars in this forum did similar investigations and arrived at similar results. If you search the archives in this forum for Ethos, you’ll find pointers to some interesting links with all the dirt behind the product.


I admit to being one of the “suckers” who purchased Ethos FR.

I admit that I was skeptical when I first saw it. But then I saw all of the testimonials on youtube and the rollout of the new Indy lights race car with the Ethos logo plastered all over it backed by none other than Al Unser! The other thing that got me were the gas coupons, $100 worth, which I am in possession of at this time. That’s $100 to try the product. So I did, and I am.

First I talked to my mechanic. I told them of the claims about this product and that I was highly skeptical. He agreed, until I told them what it was and how it worked with esters. He told me that this sounded logical to him as a mechanic. Especially when he said you were to add it to your oil is a well. What really caught his attention was the fact that Al Unser is backing this product. He then told me that he wanted me to do pass on the results to him, because if it worked. He wanted to pass it on to his customers.

I drive a 2002 Volkswagen Passat V6. so far I’ve run Ethos in 3 tanks. Volkswagen recommends premium gas for my vehicle. The Ethos claim is that it re-formulate your gas. It is not an additive and allows you to use a lower grade of gasoline. So I am currently running regular and saving money by doing so. Thus far I have seen an increase of 10% in my gas mileage. This was before, I was told that I needed to have my emissions sensors adjusted to get a proper reading as the re formulator is tricking the car to think it is running lean when it’s not.

If this stuff works it more than compensates for its cost in amounts used, which is just one oz. per 10 gallons of gas.

yes there is definitely an MLM element to this, but a lot of stuff is sold via MLM and doesn’t necessarily negate the effectiveness of the product.

Charlie, that seems to be your first post on this newsgroup. You also failed to provide any information in your profile. Both of those are typical indications of a shill. Since I don’t know if this is true, I will only suggest that using regular fuel in a car designed for premium (does it say recommends premium or just says to use premium?) can damage the car. The damage happens over time so it may not be apparent on the fist try.

What does he mean “get my emissions sensors adjusted” The Feds have taken all driveability related adjustments away a long time ago. Maybe some EEPROM re-programing. but adjust a 02 sensor? We used to put resistors in some of the old CIS cold start wiring. Anyone car to ponder here?

You are full of something, and it ain’t Ethos.

First of all, I would like to say that I am not a “shill” for the Ethos product. I am trying to get at the truth by trying it for myself. All I can say is that it seems to be helping my mpg in my 2002 Passat. The reason why I am blogging on this site is that I have occasionally listen to the radio show and was wondering if there was a website and low and behold there is a long with this blog. So I searched for ‘Ethos’ and here is the results in this blog.

I haven’t put anything in a profile, because I didn’t see any links to one when I clicked submit. nothing shady here, as was implied above.

looking at the posts it appears that most bloggers here knows something about cars… I admit to knowing very little. So I’m not going to pretend that I know something that I don’t. I’m trying a product and I’m skeptical. I’ve been given incentives by this company to do so and I liked the $100 in free gas coupons to try it and because my mechanic thought it would be okay and was interested in the results.

I was wondering the other day if anybody on this site, as skeptical as all of you seem to be, were trying it as well to see if they noticed any change in their mileage using Ethos FR.

The stakes seem to be high with $4.50 gal gas here and if this product can raise my mpg 10 to 15% it more than pays for itself.

My suggestion for all of the mechanically inclined on this blog is to visit :
and look at the spiel (and it is a spiel). If it doesn’t work… why is Al Unser Jr., backing the product and putting it in his race car? Why has all this EPA testing been done. Why are all these trucking companies using it now or have been using it and why is it just now coming onto the market for mass usage? Also, after going to the site can anyone verify whether the concept of how this might work is viable? I’m especially interested in the process of making gasoline and what the gas companies do to get from a regular blend to a premium blend with detergent and lubrication qualities using esters.

Again I admit to knowing nothing about O2 sensors in what my mechanic did refresh the computer on my car only that, that is what the company was saying that needed to be done in order to get the best results, or any results from the product. And where is this profile section on this blog? I’d be more than happy to add any information about myself.

Thanks all you skeptics, I’m one of them, but perhaps some of you can try it on your own vehicle, and we can share notes.

Please watch the video about the Ethos endorsement by Unser and let me know what you think: