Ethos - a gas additive


i am trying to do a study related to “ethos” a gas additive. I wish to find out if there have been any trials of this liquid or any experiments that car/bus/truck drivers have carried out to see if their vehicle had increased MPG


We will let YOU spend your money and then post back with the results of YOUR “study”…Hint: It will work TWICE as good if you mix a little acetone in with it…


Just one more of the many many mileage SCAMS out there.

There is only three fuel saving devices that work.

  1. Don’t drive, take the bus.

  2. Learn to drive for economy (light foot on the gas) and anticipate stops so you don’t use the brake as much.

  3. Remember next time to buy a car that gets great mileage.

Drive safe - Live long


“i am trying to do a study related to “ethos” a gas additive.”

No, you are doing no such thing. You are simply trying to acquire testimonials, good or bad, from others. Such comments are entirely unreliable; you cannot get a clear picture this way. If any Ethos executive sees your post he would naturally flood your study with positive comments from their shills.

If you truly wish to evaluate a product, you have to do it yourself. Let us know your results. (But if you come up with a rave review for this worthless junk, it will tell us all we need to know about you.)


Another spammer…PLEASE LEAVE.


“Doing a study”…sheesh! You’re either insulting my intelligence or your own intelligence. I’m unsure which.

Go away.