Echos fuel additive

Do you have experience with this product? Results…increased mileage?

You may mean Ethos and it’s just another scam.

Thanks, I do mean Ethos. Do you have experience with using it? If not, what evidence is there that it is a scam?

What evidence do you have that this product is effective?

I don’t have any experience with it because I’m not stupid enough to fall for snake oil pitches.
Spend a little time net searching and you’ll find a lot of info about this garbage.

Just ask yourself one question. If this product even does 1/100 of a percent what it claims to do then why is gasoline not being blended at the refineries with this product mixed in?
If a product like this actually worked then it would be mandated by the government.

Thanks to a bottomless pit of naive suckers and the internet, this product and thousands of similar ones will continue to be foisted off on the public. These scams have been coming and going for years and when Ethos is no more it will be replaced by another equally worthless chemical making the same claims followed by someone asking the same questions you are.

I don’t remember the details on this product (something to do with San Diego and barrels???) but it may be nothing more than cheap acetone packaged into tiny overpriced bottles.
Maybe someone can clarify that since I don’t remember and I’m not goin’ looking for it.

I am really looking for anyone who has EXPERIENCE with actually using this product or can point to hard evidence outside of what the manufacturer provides. Thanks

First, you probably will not find anyone that has purchased this product and second, those that have are probably too embarrassed to admit they threw away their money.

What the Federal Trade Commission, and California Energy Commission have to say in general about fuel saving products.

I use this product and it is a n excellent product it cleans the engine better than techton. As for the govt. making it mandatory u r in la la land, This stuff you can drink. And if you had gone to investigate the think you would see the investigative reports in several states confirm the emission tests changing in minutes. Not infomercial, investigative reports. Maybe you ought to keep your trap shut when you don’t know anything about he subject.

You’re either very naive and totally uninformed or you have a vested interest in even mentioning this scam.

Ethos is being promoted through a multi-level marketing scheme, a la Amway, so that should tell you something.


About 6 months ago, I, along with others in this board (like ok4450) spent a lot of time researching Ethos. The result was overwhelming data about it being a very large Multi Level Marketing scam. Unfortunately, not only does the product waste the purchaser’s money, but it also seems to be leaving a long trail of now-broke sales reps in its wake. Doing searches on the company’s executives showed several of them had a history of “scam and run” pasts.

Due to the investment they make in marketing, you will find many very sexy web pages and advertisements about Ethos. You’ll also find the sales reps preaching wild claims about how great it is (typically masking themselves as the average Joe). They pop up in discussion groups like this periodically, but fortunately they don’t stand a chance against the vast wealth of honest knowledge being shared in this forum.

Take off those dark shades and do a little reading.
(Head of Ethos is referred to below.)

According to L.A. Superior Court public records, Enrique DeVilmorin has a history of being sued by two different companies for using a product called Omstar-D-1280X too bait a customer and then for later selling the customer a different inferior product purported to cause engine damage. Enrique for was also accused of falsifying D-1280X test that a two represent his ?switch? products While falsely and illegally using the registered D-1280X trademark name as his own.

Just a small sample of many for you. Why Victor Industries? Because of a Victor/Ethos corp. merger. What a swell bunch of guys.

This product here is much more cost effective and has been scientifically proven in lab tests to work far better than Ethos.

How could Ethos possibly be a fake?! Or that the company is faudulent?
The very name should provide all the reassurance one could possibly want!