Ethos -fuel reformulator

I’ve just seen information about a product that reformulates fuel to make it more efficient and help clean out the engine making it run better. Does someone know whether this is for real? Information about it is on the Sierra Club site so it seems it should be legit.


I am really skeptical when a single product claims to be similarly beneficial to a wide range of fuels. Each of the fuels stated have their own unique properties, and burn differently. I doubt this product is truly compatible with all of them, and can provide similar results with all of them. I won’t dismiss absolutely, but this smells like the same snake oil that has been offered for decades. Considering the immense pressure on auto makers and fuel companies to reduce pollution and increase gas mileage, I would think these guys would make a fortune selling it to them if the claims were accurate. If it is real, it will soon be easily available everywhere. But, I suspect it will disappear just like the other snake oil remedies that have come along.

Bunko alert! “Ethos FR is free of carcinogens and is not derived from petroleum. It utilizes cleaning and lubricating esters suspended in a mineral oil base.”

Mineral oil is petroleum oil…

Although we have great respect for the guys of the Sierra Club and for their efforts, we mustn’t believe everything they endorse. In this case they have been bamboozled.

Their endorsement is based on the statement that Ethos is not derived from petroleum. Likely its original source is animal fats. OK, so we have some recycling going on. That’s good. But does it really live up to the company’s claims? Will you really increase your mpg by 30% or more? And reduce emissions? Be aware this is a gas additive. My long-standing advice to car owners still applies: Never put anything in your gas tank but gasoline.

I also think Sierra was duped and if you do check out the web site it smacks of pure bulafaloney marketing - lots of exciting claims and no real information (or weird and confusing and conflicting information). It reads like an infomercial.

I actually decided to send them an email to ask them what “Commercial fleets” are using this and getting 7-19% mpg improvement and how they make a product with a mineral oil base, but no petroleum - stuff like that. I doubt that I’ll get anything honest or useful but I’ll post whatever bs comes back if anyone cares.

Of course it’s a fraud and if the Sierra Club is endorsing it then so much for their credibility; or lack therof.

Not long ago I had someone working for me who sold this stuff to bus and trucking companies. She did not know any more about it than what was in the adds. It appears it may have some heavy duty fuel system cleaning properties. The problem I would see is that I doubt if the promoters don’t teach their sales people any more than they do, I would say far away from the stuff. I wonder if extended use of it would not damage a fuel system, especially a diesel injection system.

If the stuff was for real, it would be jumped on by the vehicle manufactures etc. It have been around for over two years as far as I can tell and I just have not seen the established authorities supporting it.