Ethos Gas Additive


What do you know about the additive Ethos. Claims to increase gas millage up to 20%, reduce emissions and improve performance. Use 2 oz. per tank and add 2oz. in crankcase with new oil. Costs $53.95 for two 16 oz. bottles, less per bottle if you purchase more. Can purchase only over the internet. I keep getting e-mails about the stuff and wonder if it is for real? Thank you. Tony


It is as real as the unsolicited e-mails that you get from unknown women who “want to meet you for a good time”, for Viagra, for “male enhancement”, for millions of dollars from unknown government officials in Nigeria, etc. I would suggest a good spam filter for your e-mail.


Click on the “Search” on the red tool bar at the top of the page.

Type Ethos into the search box.

Read away!


Do you honestly think that it could POSSIBLY work. I’ve never used it nor do I know anyone who’s ever bought it or used it…and I GUARANTEE you it DOESN’T work.

Two sayings you need to remember.

. If it’s too good to be true…it probably is.
. A sucker born every minute.


Doesn’t it also cure bad breath and male pattern baldness?


Ethos! Great name, useless product.