Escalade door problem

2004 Escalade driver’s side door has lost all power ( no windows, no locks, no nuttin’ ). All the fuses and breakers are OK. I really don’t want to go to the mech because I’ve been outa werk for a few months and things are tight.

Help me Click and Clack, you’re my only hope

Well I’m not Click nor Clack, but there are really only two things that could be wrong here. 1) The connector that leads to the door has become loose or has faulty wiring. 2) there is usually a control unit in the door that controls everything the door has controls for. This may have failed. Your best bet is to find a repair book, figuring out how your cars electrical system is wired (look at the schematics) and fixing it that way.

thanks for the direction mb, I have done this sort of thing in the past with my old Maxima and also an Integra. I’ll post any results within the next week so maybe it can help someone with the same problem.
Thanks again