No power to passenger side door


I have a 2004 Chevy Suburban with 40K miles. A while back it lost all power to the front passenger side door so no power to the door locks or windows. All other doors have power, including the passenger side rear. I checked what fuses I could find and they are OK. Any ideas?


You need an automotive mechanic with some electrical repair ability. Check your neighborhood mechanics.


Use a continuity tester and check for power to the door switches (both the drivers door and passenger door switch).

Most power window and door mounted lock switches can be pried out with a small flat screwdriver (gently).

If there’s no power to the switch, you may have a loose or broken wire at the switch.

Perhaps the wire that carries the power from the fuse panel through the door post to the door is broken inside the insulation.
(sometimes the wire in the ‘accordion’ protector becomes brittle and breaks from constant door opening/closing)

If you find there is power to the door, you’ll have to remove the door panel and check the connections and power to the door lock actuator.

Let us know how you make out.


I suspect that the problem may be in the door jamb. This is a common failure point so check thay out. There may even be a connector in the jamb that has become disconnected.