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2001 Camry LE - Driver Side door window

Car - 2001 Camry LE 4-Cyl

Sometime the driverside power window does not roll-up. I have to drive for a few minutes and then try to roll up - in this case it rolls up a little and I have to repeat the process after few minutes to roll it up completely. I have been able to close the window with 10 minutes of driving. What could be the reason and is it something I can fix ? How much would be the fix cost ?

The driver-side automatic door lock also has similar issue - that when I open press the button it does not flip opn/close. Are these 2 related ?

If you’ve worked on cars some you can fix it. It’s probably the motor wearing out (that happened to my '96 ES300). But it’s a bit of a pain, you’ll want to find a manual that shows how to do it, or google it for internet instructions. I don’t think it’s related to the door lock, but I don’t know.

The window could be binding in the guide, the regulator may be binding or the power window motor may be tired and may need replacing.

The problem could just be a worn out switch.

The door panel has to come off for an inspection to find the culprit.

The door locks are controlled by an actuator which is wired to a power source and the door lock release switch or is opened via a remote.

There is a possibility the wiring needs attending to or perhaps the lock linkage has bent or broken.
Will the lock unlock manually?

Like texases said, use a repair manual that will text explain and has illustrations. If you want to attempt this, that is. The manual will also show and explain the tools you will need.

Otherwise, have a tech repair the problems, (Due to labor expense) have the tech repair both faults while the door panel is off.

Costs will vary depending on the shop and your geographical location.

I normally recommend people find and stick with a reputable independent tech/shop.
They can usually save you money (by NOT replacing parts that don’t need to be) and the hourly labor rate is sometimes less than a dealership.

I find the most reliable/experienced/clean and well organized shop is one where the owner of the shop also owns the land it sits on.

Thus, the reason I have stayed with my independent shop for the last 19 years.

Thank you all for your replies.

Yes, I can open the lock manually or with the key. Only when I hit the button to unlock ( or use remote ), it does not work most of the time. All the other doors unlock without problem.