2004 Honda Odyssey Driver Side Power Loss

About 3 days ago there was a complete power loss to the Driver Side Window and Sliding Door. Checked both fuse panels and everything looked good. Is there a relay that controls the entire driver side? There’s no whining or noise at all when you push the buttons. Just complete loss of power. If you press the button for the passenger window on the driver door, everything works. So its not that the driver side door as a whole has problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and assistance.

The problem is more than likely a bad driver’s door switch or the wiring to the switches. The wires go through an access at the door hinges and they fail from time to time due to wear and/or stress. A good independent mechanic will know right where to look to correct your problem.

Thanks for the help. I’ll update when I find out!

+1 to missileman’s post. This is not an uncommon problem on aging vehicles. I’ve fixed a few of my own.

On this car are the door switches on the dash?