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'04 Montana power windows

My power windows won’t work from either door control and my power locks won’t work from the driver’s door. I can, however, still lock everything from the passenger door. Is this a circuit breaker? Something worse? Shouldn’t everything have gone south if it is?

There’s a decent chance the wiring is broken or fraying where it runs from the door to the door frame. Can you get to the wiring to examine it?

I’ll certainly give it a shot. It’s been cold, so no need to worry about windows not going down, but I’d like to get it done soon. Thanks for the tip.

The electrical connectors in those vans are terrible - cheap and trouble prone. I would certainly check the fuses before anything else but then I’d clean pull and clean the connectors to see if that helps.

The main switch panels on the doors should actually just pop right out with something like a screwdriver to give access to the switch connections. But be gentle b/c the plastic trim parts are also cheap junk. If you need to get to motor connections you’ll need to pull the entire door panel.

These type of problems can be worked out much easier,cheaper, faster if the person doing the work can spend perhaps 10min (30 min if you are slow) with the GM Tech II scan tool. The manufactures did not create diagnostic tools and procedures to make things easier for the DIYer but to make it easier for themselves to fulfill their warranty obligations. A side effect is that the DIYer can also learn and borrow these procedures. It is not mandantory to fix today’s cars with such a “OK I will give that idea a shot” mindset. Get a Tech II scan, it would be startling if it was not possible to talk to the BCM, test commands can be sent to various systems also. Connectors and wiring quality are a very problematic area with these vehicles, with GM putting out a sort of “blanket” TSB instructing techs to be aware that problems exist in wiring and connectors throught the GM line of this vintage.