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Error code p039 current

1995 Cadillac DeVille Base 8Cyl 4.9L - Transmissions & Drivetrains

check vehicle soon, error code p039 TCC engagement Torque Converter Clutch.

I looked up what error code p039 can someone tell me how to correct the problem. The problem I think is the torqure converter sensor or pcm = Powertrain Control Module / prom = Programable Read Only Memory is not working or sending the single to the computer. The trans does not slip and drives great. Is there a chip or module I can purchase if so where. How can I find out how to repair myself if possible.

You have a failed relay or sensor but nothing is actually broken. I doubt the car will fail inspection on this basis. If it bothers you, look around this kind of site for answers.

First of all you need to give us the correct code. P-039 is not a good code, you are missing a number. Depending on the code, the problem could either be electronic or mechanical (Valve body or converter itself) Post the proper code so we can help you. Are there any symptoms at all.


First of all I would like to THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP AND ADVICE.
this is the correct code I have a chilton general motors manual 28540. Deville/fleetwood/eldorado/seville 1990-1998 page 4-21 shows code p039 torque converter clutch (tcc) engagement. telltale status A = service engine soon Malfuction indicator lamp (MIL) ON.
YES= I also have a problem with check engine soon. BATTERY VOLTAGE HIGH. When I incerase speed the head lamps get brighter, when I decrease speed the lamps get dimmer. I have changed the alternator twice, and this is a new battery. I asked a machic and I was told it would cost me $65.00 to look at the problem and $90.00 an hour. I left.

Does that car have a separate voltage regulator or is the voltage regulator built into the alternator? Check that out and if the regulator is separate then its likely you need a new one of those.

GM OBD 1 codes (which yours are) are normally just listed as a 2 digit number - so your code would normally be reported just as a code 39. For that you probably have no choice but to have a transmission shop look at it. You’d need a good, local, independent shop. I have no idea why you went on about the PCM’s PROM. What you have is a problem with your TCC - this won’t make the transmission slip and if the issue is mild you might not notice it at all.

How many miles are on the car? How often has the transmission been serviced and by what method?