Torque converter clutch solenoid

I finally found out why my check engine light was on. It is called TCC system malfunction. The guy said it was torque converter clutch solenoid. Is this expensive to replace and am I doing damage if I don’t get it replaced soon?


I just read another post suggesting I get the exact code. It was PO740.

To give a accurate answer the responders will need to know the make, model, year, engine size, transmission model (if known – 3 or 4 speed otherwise).

Usually when the TCC fails on a Buick it gets stuck ‘on’ and will stall the engine at a stoplight. The total cost will probably run around $400 for part and replacement.

It is a 1998 Honda CRV automatic with 148,000 miles on it. I have notice sometimes there seems to be a delay with shifting from 1 to 2nd, but not much.

The torque converter clutch is a part that locks up the torque converter at higher speeds, eliminating slippage in the transmission resulting in higher gas mileage. Like researcher says, the most common way these fail is that they stick on so your car stalls when you come to a stop, sort of like stopping a manual transmission car without putting the clutch in. I suspect plenty of them fail stuck off, but on most older cars it won’t trigger a check engine light so people drive on their merry way and never notice.

Anyways, depending on what kind of car this is, this can actually be a relatively cheap repair. If you don’t repair it, you’ll get somewhat reduced gas mileage and, perhaps worse, if you’re driving around with the check engine light on, you won’t know if something else comes up.