99 Yukon Torque Converter Clutch

During a regular visit to my local garage, they scanned the computer which had stored a TCC code. (I don’t know the exact number)I have not any indications of problems with the tranny, it shifts smoothly and promptly and there is no vibration, ect. My shop’s recomendation was to check with a transmission guy who said it was a common problem that he could fix for $800 and that since it has less than 55k miles he would not need to do a complete overhaul that would cost $1600. My questions is that since I’m not noticing any problems yet and put about 5k miles on the truck, should I wait until I do or have the work done now?

Find out exactly what that code was. You car is trying to talk to you, but it speaks on codes. Get the code, it should be in the format of P0123.

He’s probably referring to a P-1870 code which is transmission component slipping. This is commonly the Torque converter clutch slipping. This sounds about right to remove and install a new TCC regulator valve and sleeve kit in the valve body. Let us know for sure. He sounds straight up. He’s only fixing the problem instead of trying to sell you an overhaul…