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1999 Mercury Cougar Engine Codes! Help

i have a 1999 mercury cougar and for almost a year when i drive it on the highway then get off and go to drive again it gives me a hard shift and will continue doing so, but if i turn the car off then back on it doesnt do it, very weird, but i got the codes and not sure what my next step would be to fixing it

p1744- TCC system perfom

p1519 - IMRC stuck closed

again this only happends when i drive the car for about 10-15 min on the highway then get off

TCC - Torque Convert Clutch.
Form what I can find, it needs to be handled right away…after a year? The transmission may be toast.

IMRC - Intake Manifold Runner Control. Part of the intake system that supposed to open at higher power requirments (engine speed, etc).

I’m guessing it doesn’t get regular services. Just a WAG…can’t imagine why you’d drive it for a year knowing there’s something wrong, but there you go. Next step is to visit an experienced mechanic.

All I’ve got at the moment…

only reason why i waited was because nobody could tell me exactly what it was, and also the p1744 code i heard just means there was a slip, it has nothing to do with the actual torque converter, so im wondering what is making it slip, i heard maybe a bad tcc solenoid or something, im not sure just getting an opinion, i brought it to a transimssion shop and they said $2300 to rebuild and that its dangerous to drive because it could blow up, i highly doubt that

You can doubt them, that’s your right. If it’s an internal solenoid for the torque converter clutch (I believe it is), then you have to rip the thing apart to get at it.

Every article I’ve seen on this is that it’s either rebuild, replace, or just wait for it to fail, then replace. Depending on where it fails, it can be inconvenient (in front of the house) or dangerous (on a busy highway at night). Just because you can’t see the damage doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Best of luck, in any event.

thanks i appreciate it, im going to have my main mechanic have a look at it and get his opinion then im gonna get my transmission mechanic to rip it down and let me know the damage, see if its worth fixing or scrapping