4th gear

it seems that the electronics play a bigger part than the mechanical from what i read, but most garages I talk with just want to replace the tranny… i pulled the codes and they are as follows, P-029, 022, 070 and 137. Also I 032,052, T 072,S 062 and A 047

at 40-above the car stays in 3rd gear

You might recheck your codes because there are no codes for P0029, P0022, or P0070 and P0137 relates to an undervoltage for the HO2 sensor for a 2005 Cadillac Deville. Also there aren’t and I, T, or A prefix codes showing in the Alldata source. There are U, C, and B code prefixes. U relates to serial data DTCs. C pertains to brake, suspension, etc. DTCs. B addresses Body Control Module functions.

When you say it '…stays in 3rd gear" , do you mean the car starts out in 3rd and does not shift at all?

More data helps us help you.

Don’t most transmission codes star with P07 or p08, ie. P0755 or p0801. Or is this just for the generic codes and not the manufacturer specific codes?

the codes i have pulled are p029, p022,p070, p0137

this is a 1994cadillac with the northstar engine, a concours deville…

it will not shift into overdrive, (4th gear)

oh i hope this helps…


Here is what I could find on the 1983-1995 Cadillac OBD1 codes:
P022 (E022) . Open TPS Signal [VCC]
P029 (E029) . Transaxle Shift ‘B’ solenoid problem (1st, 3rd, 4th gear)
P070 (E070) . Intermittent TPS Signal
I032 … Loss of ABS/TCS Data
I052 … Keep Alive Memory Error
T072 … Serial Data Link Fault
S062 … Left Rear Position Sensor Fault
A047 … Low Refrigerant Charge
I couldn?t find anything on P137.
I hope this helps in some way. I found this on http://myweb.accessus.net/~090/dtcobd1.html#dia

P137, is loss of traction control system…

Do you have any idea what causes the P029 problem is it an external problem in wiring, or an internal trans axle problem with solenoid?

thanks for the help…

I am real out of date on transmissions but I am pretty sure the solenoid is in the trans. But the problem could be in the wiring to and from the solenoid or the solenoid itself. And to be honest I have no clue about how to test either the solenoid or the wiring. Sorry

no apology needed, you have been most helpful. i’ll let you know how it plays out…


Let me preface: I am no expert at all, but the only time I’ve ever seen a car throw that many codes at once was when a bad ground was involved. In my experience if the common data line is being clogged with partial bits of data everybody and their mother (modules of course) will complain. So if I was you, i’d throw a lab scope on the data line (it should have a clean square wave between 7V and close to 0V assuming it’s a Class 2 data circuit) and check and re-check all the grounds.

Hope you figure it out.

Hope you figure it out. me too…