Torque converter fault code question


Awhile back as I was driving down the road, the check engine light came on. I took it by the local Chrysler/Dodge dealer and they told me that the code came back as being a torque converter failure. They told me it would be roughly $1,600.00 to replace this part. From what I’ve gathered, there should be something noticeably wrong with the driving/shifting if this were the case. However, I’m experiencing no shifting issues, it is idling/driving just fine. In fact, when the check engine light came on I was out of town visiting a relative, and drove back to college a little over 50 miles just fine with no issues. My question is, is this really the torque converter, or perhaps just a faulty sensor, or something simple? I don’t really want to drop 1600 for repairs if I do not need to. I will also add I just had fresh transmission fluid added the day this light went off. Thanks in advance for everyone’s help.

You need to provide the very specific code that was read from the computer. The format is “P1234.” There is no “torque converter failure” code. There are codes that can be set if the torque converter is failing, but nothing that will tell you it has failed.

You also haven’t said how many miles are on this transmission or what its service history has been. There is also a cryptic note about “fresh transmission fluid added” - does this mean that you had just had it serviced? Or you found the fluid low? Or what? If it was serviced, how was it serviced? By what kind of shop? What kind of fluid went into it?

BTW: in most areas, many corporate chain auto parts stores will scan for codes for free. Don’t expect better or more intelligent service from dealers. Expect it to just be more expensive and not necessarily better.