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Engine swap camry

We have a 94 camry that my wife kinda wrecked…all the damage is in the back.

We’re trying to be frugal here and find another camry and swap the engine…

What other models does the engine fit in?

Its the 4 cyl. engine, auto.

I found a couple of 6 cyl. but so far no 4. Can I go w/a 6? Or would I have to swap the tranny and the computer too? Do they weight about the same? or the 6 cyl. models are slightly bigger? Up to what year can I go with. thanks.

You may find someone here that has personal experience with Toy engine swaps. If something does not pop up quickly, try a Toy board. You will probably find some people with lots of the appropriate knowledge for swapping the whole engine or long block options.

thanks, I’ll do that.

You need to find a Camry that has a 4 cylinder. For example, you pull out the six and drop in the four. You now have the wiring harness for the injectors. The problem is there’s no place to plug in two of the injector connectors. So out comes the wiring harness and computer.


I agree that you’re better off finding a 4 cylinder car. On top of what’s mentioned you’ll probably run into a 100 other things if you mix and match. Throttle cable, exhaust, vacuum lines, fuel lines, etc.; all will have to be worked around.

Thanks. I didnt even think about that part. I just thought about the tranny, engine and computer…

So now that I have that squarre awayed. What models am I limited by? Meaning, does it have to be a Gen. 3 camry, 92-96 or can I get away with early Gen. 4 models. like a 97-99?

I have to ask - why? There are lots of 4cyl '94 Camrys for sale, will you be much money ahead after going through all this trouble? How many miles are on your Camry?

To swap you’ve got to buy a clean Camry (4cyl, too many things different w/6cyl) that happens to have a blown engine and pay somebody to swap it out (if you’re asking this question I’d guess you haven’t done this kind of thing before). Or, you could sell your Camry with the good engine/bad body and use the money to help buy one with a good engine good body.

actually a friend, my brother-in-law and i are gonna do it, so we wont have to pay someone else to swap it. i did try to sell it, but all i was getting was 400. i have found a couple w/a nice body and blown engine but they all happen to be 6.

My first thought was the same as Texas’…why would you do this? Economically it really makes no sense. But I get the sense that you’re doing this as much for the project as the resulting vehicle.

Any boneyard should have a cross reference manual that will give you the swap information you seek.

Have fun. Let us know the results.

I don’t have a Mitchel Manual so I can’t look it up, but I tried something else. I looked up the head gasket, which would be specific to the engine, and it fits a 87 to 97 Camry, 87 to 97 Celica, 91 to 95 MR2, 96 RAV4.