Engine Swap

A friend is about to attempt to swap engines from her 1989 Camaro to her 1994 Suburban. The engine from the Camaro is factory…will it fit?

It will probably fit, but that’s just the beginning. Getting the older engine to run with the '94 computer may be difficult to impossible. Swapping engines is getting harder and harder, mostly because the computers.

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Both vehicles will have throttle body fuel injection, and if both are 350 engines it should be a pretty easy swap. The engine from the Camaro will likely start and run fine with the Suburban ECU, but you may need to have a new PROM chip burned for best results. I’m not positive, but you may even be able to swap the PROM fron the Camaro ECU to the Suburban.

depending on what state you live on watch the emission laws. check them on changing engines. the exhaust system may not be the same size to bolt to manifolds. check the distance as to were the motor mounts are place on the block,one may be set 10 inchs from front and another 13 inchs, this is just a statement . will the trans match up to the other engine. is the diameter of hoses the same. why are putting an this engine in. you can som times call a junk yard they have a parts exchange book

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