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Toyota Camry

Hello Everyone! I have a 1996 Toy Camry that was smashed in in the rear and I am thinking about buying a 93 Camry for 500.00. The 93 Camry is a v6 and my 96 is a 4 cyl. I know the engine parts will prob not swap, but what about the front fenders etc? The 93 looks kind of beat up in the front but I have good front doors and fenders on mine. I also have a decent hood etc. Again, my camry will still run but has close to 200k miles on it. I wonder what my camry is worth for just a tranny and motor (motor serviced well, new timing belts etc)? Mine has very good ac. Is this 93 camry worth 500 w/close to 200k on it? It supposedly has a good v6 engine and a good tranny w/air, but looks like hell (mult col oarts etc).


No . . . the parts will almost certainly not swap

The 1996 and 1993 Camry have slightly different headlights, taillights for sure. And the front fenders are probably also a little different. I wouldn’t even count on the hood being the same

No offense, but your smashed 1996 Camry isn’t worth much

If you buy this 1993 Camry, just buy it and drive it. Don’t waste time trying to swap over body parts. It won’t increase the value by much, anyways

Just sell your crashed car either to the junkyard, metal recycler or on craigslist. Just make sure to fill out and mail in the release of liability form.

If you want to be absolutely sure, check the hollander interchange manual(s)

I’m in agreement with db4690. You could sell the smashed 96 and if there isn’t much damage on the 93 other than the clear coat falling off you could use the money from the sale of the 96 to have a cheapy MAACO paint job slapped on it.

That’s all assuming that “supposedly good” motor and transmission are just that.

I took a quick look at an interchange and it shows the fenders and hood are the same from 92 to 96. I’d never take my life on the accuracy of an interchange though.

Thank you for your time and input.

I think I made a typo earlier b/c I meant to let you guys know that the 93 has mult colored parts on it and a diff colored hood (some primer here and there)…it basically looks like crap, and the owner states someone put a security device on the car that is in the process of being disabled. The security device needed some kind of code and without it the car would not crank (not factory). The owner said if she can get the car running, she will call me. I think for 500, it may be a good deal if it runs and b/c it has a clear title.

I agree with you all on the old 96 smashed camry, maybe I can just buy the 93, after I look at it, and after I drive it (if it will run), and simply primer it. I would like to attempt to swap the hood and fenders, and if I can’t use my 96 (maybe I can), then I will simply go to pull a part (maybe).

Thank you all very much…You guys are a Life Saver!!!:slight_smile:


You should have told us the 1993 Camry doesn’t even run at the moment . . .

In all honesty, I would not hold my breath about this 1993 Camry. For $500, there’s not much motivation to get anything sorted out

If your 1996 Camry is still driveable, insured and registered, etc. I would drive it around for the purposes of looking for your next car

Then when you find that next car, get rid of the 1996 Camry

BTW, does your state have safety inspections and/or smog inspections? I would think a 20+ year old car might be quite rusty and unable to pass BOTH of these inspections

No, al does not have safety inspections…Apparently, al does not care about safety or the environment. The 96 drives, but is too smashed up to drive legally (probably). I just love these cars b/c they are built so damn well! Anyway, ty for being the voice of reason!

If the car runs well for 500 with a clear title I would look at it as a deal. The object is to get from Point A to Point B as cheaply as possible and if the car accomplishes that for 6 months before blowing up you would be ahead of the game.

It’s also possible if the car does not start (meaning the starter motor will not crank the engine over) the problem may be nothing more serious than a neutral safety switch and may have nothing to do with any security system.

and the owner states someone put a security device on the car that is in the process of being disabled. The security device needed some kind of code and without it the car would not crank (not factory). The owner said if she can get the car running, she will call me. I think for 500, it may be a good deal if it runs and b/c it has a clear title.

Are you sure about the clear title part?
Because the presence of a security system that requires a code smacks of a system from a BHPH lot that shuts the car down if they fail to pay. I would want to physically see the title and verify with the DMV that it is current…before I spent one more second considering this purchase…

I can’t imagine too many buy here pay here lots are selling 1993 Camrys these days

There aren’t even that many on the road nowadays, for that matter

I suppose it’s possible it was bought from one of those SHADY used car lots several years ago

Maybe you’re right but I’ve never seen an alarm system for consumers that required a code to disable…hence the red flags to me…

Suggest to price out the option of collecting your insurance payout and using it to assist in the purchase of a 2006 + Camry, maybe from one of those used car places that sell rental cars.


Rental Camry . . . ?!

Never seen such a thing in my neck of the woods

It’s usually domestic or tiny Korean cars being passed off as “mid-size” :smirk:

Besides, rental agencies get rid of vehicles when they’re 2-3 years old

2-3 years old? Even better. I’m concerned the OP might be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire, switching from a 96 to a 93.

I haven’t looked in 3-4 years, but back then I saw some used Camrys for sale at the Hertz rental-cars-for-sale place here in San Jose. Used Corollas too. Pretty reasonable prices too. The only downside is they only come w/automatic transmissions. They didn’t have a single manual transmission on the entire lot. The did have cars older than 3-4 years, but you are right @db4690 , most of them were in the 3-4 year range.

If the OP is looking for a $500 car it is doubtful he has $15,000 for a used rental car.


You clearly live in a much nicer area than I do :grin:

A Camry is a much nicer vehicle that what is usually available at rental agencies in my area

Years ago, I did buy a 2 year old used car from Hertz car sales. It had 36K on it, and the price was fair. The only issues were the brakes were kicking, no cigarette lighter and one small cigarette hole in the rear seat, but it was hardly noticeable and I didn’t have a problem with it

I had them install a cigarette lighter . . . I don’t even smoke, but I wanted a “complete” car . . . and they replaced the front rotors and pads. Obviously, they didn’t charge me for any of that, and it wasn’t a big deal anyways

Not sure if you are joking on this one…but the short answer is NO… Not one single body panel will swap between those two extremely dissimilar vehicles. I believe the camaro has plastic fenders as well… No no no… forget about this idea.


Not one single body panel will swap between those two extremely dissimilar vehicles.

1992-1996 Camry use the same fenders and hood. Is somebody buying a Camaro?

@“Honda Blackbird”

Umm . . .

OP has a 1996 Camry that got rearended

They’re thinking of buying a 1993 Camry as a replacement

You mentioned recently you graduated high school in 1990, same year as me, FWIW. And my eyes are rapidly going downhill. I’ve been nearsighted for years and have worn glasses and contacts. Now I’m going to need bifocals. This is a somewhat recent development. Reading books and doing underdash work is becoming difficult, because I can’t focus on things relatively close to my eyes. Driving is fine, because street signs and other cars aren’t really that close

I’m guessing your eyes are not much better, and that’s why you mistook Camry and Camaro :wink:

If anybody reading this wants to scold me for not having perfect vision and/or not ALREADY having bifocals, shame on you. Keep your criticism to yourself. Nobody’s perfect. I’ve not had any accidents in YEARS. Haven’t had points in YEARS.

I’m sure there are some heartless individuals reading this right now, if they knew my true identity, they’d try to snitch me out to my DMV. Dirty rats :worried:

You can get “work glasses” for any distance you like or lenses with “near” correction low and high and distance correction in the middle (older pilots use these to read overhead gauges/switches).

OMG guys…for some reason…I saw CAMARO as the replacement vehicle !!!

Oh Lord…it has been a long day.

Sorry…nevermind me… Im gettin old and weary… hahaha

Cant believe i just did that… Whooo Weeee man…