Engine shut off driving won't restart

2007 Ford edge 3.5…

Does the engine turn over (that rrr-rrr-rrr sound) at its normal speed and sounding like it always does? A broken timing belt or chain would keep the engine from starting because the valve train is not moving. The turning engine would also produce a different sound. The proof is to look inside the valve cover to see if there’s action there while the engine is turning over.

If it doesn’t turn over, could be a very dead battery or bad connection there. Any other electrical symptoms?

2007 Ford edge 3.5 problems started engine mis on cylinder 5 coil was melted plugs had large gap i replaced the 1coil all plugs again melted same coil engine shut down i replaced all coils and plugs engine won’t start.i sent pcm to circuit medics .they said checked out ok had no problems.placed back in car still won’t start.

Does it turn over? Does it produce regularly-timed strong blue-white spark?

A bad crankshaft position sensor can cause an engine to shut off, and not restart.



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Thanks for answering i will get a crank sensor.

Tester’s contribution is worthy - but I don’t think he’d advise throwing a new part at the problem before you do more diagnosis: is there regularly-timed strong blue-white spark? If you’re not sure how to test, someone here will be able to tell how.

This HAS TO have engine codes associated with it. What are they? I’m sure they are trying to tell you something.

Would a failed CPS throw a code? I’m not sure. If something causes an instant shutdown, there is no period of bad running/high emissions to trigger a code.

It may feel like an instant shut down to you, but for the CPU of the engine computer it would seem like years of time before the event.

I’ve replaced many bad crank sensors over the years, and I can tell you they don’t always cause a Check Engine light.



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Why would that HAVE to be the case . . . ?

I can think of several instances where I diagnosed and repaired cases like this where there was never any kind of fault code, current, stored or pending

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At least make sure you are not getting spark at the plugs before you replace anything.

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I’ve never seen a vehicle melt a coil and shut down while driving while not throwing a code… I will admit it may be possible but its on the outer fringes of probability in my opinion. Have I seen this happen? Of course, but this issue methinks isn’t a surprise attack especially after the report of the former failures. People love to report problems here all the while ignoring and not mentioning the check engine light that has been illuminated for 2.5 weeks or longer.

Perhaps I should have said… “There is most likely a code associated with this event” Would that have been more palatable? Duly noted…

It would be best the OP answered this simple question. Was the check engine light illuminated before any of these shut down coil melting events? My money is on a CEL at some point.

Yes there was a misfire code number 5cyl first time coil melted pulled all plugs they where bad 65gap replaced all plugs 1 coil started engine again melted same coil.and engine shut off.I replaced all coils and plugs.no start.i sent pcm to circuit medics they said pcm was good.put back car still no start with all new coils

Start with the basics, do you have power to the PCM? Maybe it finally blew a fuse…

I have not yet check if had power to ecm .

I have not yet check power to pcm

Turn the ignition switch to the on position.

Does the Check Engine light come on?

If so, that’s the computers self-test, and the computer is getting power.


When you say “melted a coil” are you being literal? As in it actually melted? Or did it just stop working?

I’m beginning to smell some Ground problems on this one… How are those grounds? Have you checked?

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