Engine shut off driving won't restart

Turned on ignition check engine lite came on started flashing an stopped stayed on.and the coils.i had to put pliers on cylinder 5 turned back and forth it came apart where it been hot.put in new coil and plugs started engine running ruff.check eng.lite was on.then put all new coils
When taking coil out of cy 5 the new one i replaced.yes it Got hot and same thing pulled apart.the end stuck on plug i had to take close hanger and pull end of coil off plug to get socket on plug.granddaughter had just bought this car.she told me check engine lite was on they cleared it.2wks later this all started happen.thx for trying to help me with this.

Ho-Lee-S#%* man…

Something is causing damage to coil 5. I assume it is controlled by the PCM. It sounds like the coil is staying turned on all the time and that is causing it to overheat.