2014 Nissan Rogue - No CEL but the engine shuts off

2014 nissan rogue select
used it for a couple of hours and then shuts down complete and would not start after in 1 hour it will start again, with no problem. engine light not on or another light

A bad crankshaft position sensor can cause the engine to shut off, and not restart until the engine cools down.

And it doesn’t always cause the Check Engine light to turn on.




Good Morning,

thank you.
and I already change the crankshaft sensor, but the other day, I was driving it for about 20 minutes and it the engine shut off again and did not start again until for about an hour and runs again.

can you be able to advice, what other snesor or problem can be?

Thank you.
Gilbert Tovar

When it fails to start, is the engine turning over and not starting, or is nothing at all happening as if you’d removed the battery?

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When it cranks but doesn’t start, spray some starter fluid into the air intake and try to start it. If it starts but only briefly, that’s a sign that there’s not enough fuel or fuel pressure: a problem with the fuel pump or its circuitry (which includes the ignition switch, fuel pump relay, maybe other things. A wiring diagram will help there.)

If spraying the starting fluid doesn’t make a difference, it’s likely a no-spark condition. That, too, can be any of several things. Crankshaft position sensor is a common one, but not the whole picture.

Good luck.