2005 Ford Explorer cuts off while driving

Has happened twice. No check engine light, no code. Lights and electronics stay on, beeps like the door is open,shuts off and I am able to turn it right back on. Definitely do not want this happening on the highway. Don’t have any other issues with idle, etc… Hoping for some helpful advice…

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When the car dies and you restart it, does it start normally or does the engine have to crank for a few seconds before it starts?

Starts up fine like nothing was ever wrong.

With the car idling, try jiggling the ignition switch, see if it cutts off.

See if you can make the trouble happen by tapping on suspected areas like the ignition switch and dash fuse panel using a screwdriver handle.

No luck with the ignition switch. Really don’t want to go down the road of replacing every part in hopes of finding a solution. The mechanic wanted to start replacing parts at the fuel pump and work his way back toward the engine. My wallet says otherwise.

The engine shutting down might be caused by a faulty crankshaft position sensor.


The crank sensor informs the computer whether or not the engine is rotating among other things. If the computer loses the signal from the crank sensor, the computer see’s no reason to operate ignition and fuel systems and the engine shuts off.

A faulty crank sensor won’t always cause the Check Engine light to come on.



“A faulty crank sensor won’t always cause the Check Engine light to come on.”

The last 3 crank sensors I replaced did not generate any code.

Do You have an after market alarm system?

Crank sensor making more sense. No aftermarket alarm system, barkydog.

Just dotting the i and crossing the t so to speak. This board has seen many curious issues with after market alarm systems.

Hi, I’m experiencing what sounds like the same problem on my Ford 2005. Did you determine the issue? We’ve replaced the mass airflow sensor and PCM. Haven’t tried the crankshaft position sensor. Thanks!