2000 Ford Expedition shuts off while driving

my truck just shuts off while driving then wont start back up till cools off mechanic tells me its my coils and a headgasket $1500 I changed coils and plugs myself headgasket wont make car stall? right??? I had fuel pump and filter replaced last year need help asap

Sounds like a crankshaft position sensor problem rather than a coil problem if it still does this after replacing coils and plugs. The sensor can drop out if hot and then return when it cools off a bit. They are cheap but usually hard to get to on some cars.

A head gasket could make it stall but that is not the typical head gasket symptom.

Why did you mechanic think it was a head gasket? What tests did he run to verify a bad head gasket? If he didn’t run ANY tests, get another mechanic.

The mechanic says antifreeze is leaking in my cylinder reservoir causing coils to misfire I said to him that won’t cause truck to stall. That causes bad idling and rough driving. I’ve blown then before. I was just reading about the camshaft and crankshaft. I’m gonna change those 2parts. I’ll let you know how I made out. Thanks for your advise. Steve

Hey can I ask you would bad girl injector cause truck to stall and then start back up after a few hrs??

Hmmm, bad girl injectors always cause me to stall…

No, really, what do you mean about “bad girl injector”? That has to be a typo, right?

I changed both cam shaft and crank shaft sensor. It stalled about 20-25min later.