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2000 Oldsmobile Alero

The power windows on my car have not worked for about 5 years. I’ve had them fixed a couple of times, but they only worked for about a day or so after. Now one of the windows has slid open and will not go up or stay in place. The turn signal has also quit on me, and after recently replacing the battery, the radio doesn’t work! Is this system-wide or is it a bunch of isolated problems?

I believe there is no connections between these problems.

The window that slid open and will not go up likely has a broken part inside the door or maybe just came loose. It requires getting in the door to fix it.

The turn signals could be many problems including the clock spring or switch (both inside the steering wheel, a fuse, the flasher mechanism or a light out.

The radio is likely a anti thief device. You should have some instructions in the owner’s manual on how to re-activate the radio.

If the windows failed while under warranty, they should have been addressed by the dealer and if they continued to be a problem (a year later would have been a new problem, they would have been covered even after the warranty was up.

Yes they are almost certain all isolated problems. Not really unusual for a car over five years. What is unusual is that you have let them to remain problems. That usually means you really don’t like the car and are planning to replace the car rather than fix it.

Fixing things as they appear is always the best idea. Many problems not only do not go away with out fixing them, they may cause additional problems, although it would appear that is not your case, or will pile up until you hate the car, which might be the case.

I don’t know where you have had attempts to fix the problems, but I would suggest an independent local mechanic who has been recommended by someone you know. Dealers tend to be about average in quality, but high priced. Dealers also tend to replace when a cheaper fix is possible.

Get all the little things fixed on your car and you may gain respect back for it and it will be far cheaper to fix it than to replace it. Nothing on your list is really expensive.

GM power windows are NOTORIOUS for failure. Usually they should work longer than a day, however. Is the weatherstripping at the bottom of the window on this door in good condition? It’s kind of hard to tell with the window retracted, but once you or your mechanic does get it up, inspect it to make sure it’s sealing against the surface of the window properly, and isn’t dried and cracking. If so, it could be letting rain and moisture into the interior of the door, causing the window motors to prematurely fail. However, like I said before, every GM car I’ve ever owned with power windows usually failed every 2 years or so. VERY annoying.

As the previous poster said, check the turn signal flasher mechanism (usually a short, round canister thing with two prongs on it that attaches somewhere under the dash, above the pedals). It’s cheap to replace. So is a fuse.

You are absouletly correct in stating that GM has a high number of power window repairs, fixing them has put money in my pocket, I do wonder how they compare industry wide.

I left GM and went to BMW guess what, power window failures, a little easier on BMW (no rivets to deal with)

For me the F-body cars (Camaro) were the worst if you had to do the regulator, and cars that had the seat belt mechanism in the door, were a pain to deal with the door panel.

Really problematic were the older Impall SS and Caprice’s, the connection between glass and regulator was always wearing out (two little wheels)

S-10 Blazer’s were very promblematic and a little tricky (give the motor a wack,good for awhile)

The list goes on.