Electrical problems in my 2000 Alero

I inherited my turquoise 2000 Alero from my sister a little over a year ago, right before summer. At the time, I was warned that my driver side window doesn’t like to work during the rainy season. The rainy season came, the window stopped working. But even though it’s sunny again in SF California, I’m unable to put my window down to enjoy the weather and fast food. Is this a common problem? Is it worth getting checked out/fixed? I also have issues with my tape player. It likes to think that there is a tape in it when there isn’t, and then tries to spit it out, taking a few minutes to make a high pitches wine and interrupt my radio listening. Plus, when my headlights turn on, my dashboard and radio backlights turn off. I think I have a blown fuse somewhere, but I’m not car person and I can’t be sure. Help?

The window problem may be due to dirty switch contacts or a broken wire connection in the door jam. You have to decide how important the window operation is to you.

The tape player problem could be fixed or just get another player for a good price.

Check the dimmer control adjustment for the dash lights and make sure it is up all the way.