Electric window opens after closing



When I close the electric window in the driver’s door of my 2001 Maxima using the first setting on the switch (the position requiring me to keep my finger on the switch) the window closes just fine. If I close the window using the second position (the one allowing me to release the switch and the window continues to close), the window closes and then promptly opens about 4 inches. This happens about half the time. Is the problem in the switch, the motor, or what?


It probably just needed to be re calibrated. I don’t know about your Maxima in particular, but on many cars you can easily recalibrate it yourself.

  1. Roll the window all the way down.
  2. Press and hold the window up switch.
  3. Keep holding the switch for at least ten seconds after the window is fully closed.

Now roll it back down and see if the auto up feature works. If it doesn’t, consult your owner’s manual. It should tell you how to reset/recalibrate the feature.


To clarify what tardis is saying, auto-up windows need to sense any obstructions and reverse the window for safety reasons. If you’re lucky, the system has just lost track of precisely where the stopping point at the top is, so it thinks that’s an obstruction instead. If you can recalibrate the system, then it should work fine, at least for a while.


Thanks for your input guys. I will try your suggested fix. I hope it as simple as you think. Thanks again. Man, this web is such a great thing.


Let us know if tardis excellent suggestion works. It’s great to get feedback when something works; we learn something. And when I learn something, it’s a good day.


The anti-pinch system limit switch is out of adjustment, and needs to be reset. This switch is part of the window motor assembly on Nissans. However, the exact procedure to reset the switch varies from model to model.

I don’t know the procedure on my 04 Murano, because I’ve never had work done on the doors or windows and the auto up on all windows works just fine. (my 95 Maxima doesn’t have the auto up feature, so it doesn’t even have an anti-pinch switch) But my daughter had the driver’s side window replaced by a glass shop after a break in, and the anti-pinch switch needed to be reset following the work. The procedure was simple. I just had to remove the door panel, locate the switch reset button and, without removing the motor assembly, press the button while operating the window. But, according to my Murano FSM, the motor assembly has to be removed to do the reset. Apparently the exact procedure varies from Nissan to Nissan.

Oh yeah, I doubt this procedure is in the owners manual. You need a service manual (preferably the FSM) for things - though simple - like this.