Car window opens on it's own once i close it

I have the new mazda 3 2009 model, and the problem with it is that when I close the driver’s window (using the automatic mode, I dont know the exact name of the mode but its when the window rolls it’s self without holding the button)all the way and it reaches the very top and hits the end it open immediately and keeps rolling to the middle. However, when i roll it up manually and it reaches the top it doesn’t roll down unless I keep pulling the button for a couple of seconds.
So what could the problem be?

I’d start with the switch itself. I’ve seen that happen when it flips from the auto-up position to the auto-down position from sheer momentum and wear.

Could also be the “arm” sensor. To prevent people from getting their arms pinched in a raising window, there’s a sensor that detects resistance where there shouldn’t be any. So if you stick your arm there, your arm will resist the movement of the glass, which will make the system auto-reverse the glass so you can get loose.

If the system doesn’t know where the top of the glass travel is, then it can do what you’re experiencing. This can happen if you change the battery without using umbilical power. There will be a re-learn procedure to teach the switch where the end of travel is. It should be outlined in your owner’s manual.

Sorry i didn’t ask, but is there any easy solution that i can do at home?

…only if you have the expertise to change the switch or find and replace the arm sensor to throw parts at the problem. If not, you’ll need a professional diagnosis and repair.

There’s your simple solution at home. If that doesn’t work, take it in.

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