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Easy come, easy go with this McLaren

What else can one say when viewing the damage to this McLaren that had engaged in street racing in L.A.?


I wish they would just go to the drag strip and get their yah-yahs out there. It’s a shame about that beautiful car, and we don’t know whether the owner was driving. It seems likely, unless the car was stolen.

The two cars have four drivers? Whatever happened to news editors?

Quote: "Two drivers were taken to the hospital,…
Police are looking for two drivers who fled the scene.

2 drivers in other cars that may have been involved. About a dozen high end car owners were busted in mn this summer for a group high speed run.

I wonder if they can buff it out? :wink:

I can’t stand street racing

These scumbags’ idea of fun endangers everybody, including innocent people who are just minding their own business and have nothing to do with the race

Absolutely no respect for anybody or anything

IMO they can’t punish street racers enough

What is surprising is that this middle-aged guy . . . based on the pictures . . . doesn’t have much maturity. He’s a father, lives in an enviable neighborhood, is rich, and in some ways he’s still behaving like some snot nosed kid

I don’t feel sorry for him OR his car

I hope the street racers that were injured survive

If they do, I hope they all get sentenced to the harshest penalties available under the law(s)

This scumbag, though, will probably hire a top flight lawyer and plead to a much lower charge. Probably won’t even do any kind of time

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I find it funny the people who believe the sho street outlaws is real street racing. I guess it’s the same people who think pro wrestling is real.

Amen to that… a thousand times over.

You are correct, but I have to point out that wealthy people often tend to have a sense of entitlement.
You know…because I am rich…or…because I am famous…I can get away with doing whatever I want.
Sometimes that mindset succeeds for them, sometimes it doesn’t.
In this case, even with an attorney, I can’t see him escaping some sort of punishment–despite his wealth.

Anyone can have a sense of entitlement. Personality isn’t necessarily a function of the environment. It might also be how long term an outlook the driver had. People with short term outlooks might not see past the race. People with long term outlooks tend to live a lot longer.