Will their insurance pay?

2 absolute idiots, I hope insurance pays nothing. And their future insurance rates are enormous.


I do not have their policies in front of me so, who knows? And further, who cares?

Agree with @PvtPublic, I hope they pay nothing!

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Wondering if policies typically do not pay if convicted of DUI or found to be street racing, etc.
Any idea whathese car$ were worth before being turned into road kill?

Thank you.

$250 to 350K I’d guess.

Again, I don’t have their policies in front of me. What does yours cover?.. you live in CO.

Coverage is different in different states. And laws vary.

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Since I do not drink or drug, I never inquired about a DWAI/DUI.
Legal speeding only when emergent medical transports.
Toll companyvoman said there must have been a mistake when she read 130 mph at one of their toll detectors. (I did not know that tollanequipment also documented speed.)

Guys that can afford cars like that probably don’t have insurance.

They probably have done all the stuff to prove financial responsibility

Why don’t you ask your insurance agent or does that make too much sense ?

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One article says they were both Huracan’s which would have been worth $500K combined at least, based on asking prices.

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Why don’t these idiots find a nice track to get their Ya-Yas out?


If you’re rich enough to own a Lambo, then you probably don’t have insurance. Most people with that kind of money have zero insurance of any kind. They self insure.

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Doesn’t that mean they each are “out of pocket” :question:
If so, even better, I also hope they get jail time and fined out the A$$ !


Theyvilhave high-priced attorneys to gethem off.

Attorneys are well paid but under paid jurors make the decisions. Of course jurors are not always correct or far but I think in this case would side with the general population.

A few years ago about a dozen of similar cars raced on through the Minneapolis suburbs in excess of 120 mph. I don’t remember the results. They caught some and seemed like just highly paid folks looking for some fun. I would guess brokers etc. or trust babies.

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There have been several high speed crashes in my area, usually involves rental cars.

You don’t have to be wealthy to crash an exotic car.

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Wow. Never knew that was a possibility.
My insurance agent just said they deny any claims if DUI oracing.

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I guess drug dealing pays well. I don’t know any 28-or 32-year old’s that can afford one, and to not have insurance on them. not sure about every state, but in most you need insurance to register a vehicle. but I guess they could be rentals, but you would think they would mention that in the article.

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You don’t know Joe Walsh? His Maserati went 185, he lost his license and he couldn’t drive. Paraphrasing Life’s Been Good to Me So Far.

Court decisions on the insurance company’s liability to pay vary widely and are literally all over the map and just generally focus on “intent”.
i.e. Your car catches fire at a gas station because the guy next to you is smoking, they’ll pay. Your car catches fire because you doused it with gas, no way.

However more important is what your specific policy (contract) says. Maybe you didn’t “intend” to total your Lambo while drinking and racing but if your policy has an exclusion for that, good luck collecting.