Easy come, easy go

In Budapest, within a few minutes of buying his new $1.4 million Ferrari, the owner crashed it.


Probably turned off the start traction control. In traffic. In a big city. I suppose Ferarri doesn’t check whether the people they invite to buy their extremely limited production cars, like the La Ferarri, have enough sense to use common sense when driving in different situations. They just look at how many Ferrris you have and whether you can afford the car.

I drove a Nissan GT-R last year and it was very squirrely when it rained a little. Mopeds were passing me like I was sitting still. Most streets are not built for super-fast cars.

And I suspect that the OEM tires they put on hypercars aren’t exactly all-season tires…

After reading the story and that he was not really very shook up about it…i figure he’s got money to burn, and couldn’t care less.
None the less he could use some driving lessons to learn how to handle a car with so much power.

And he blames the tires.

If he doesn’t have a lot of money, he can drop by and I’ll patch that up. I just replaced my neighbors storm door and I think we could pound out a fender patch. And I just got done painting a shed and have a little of that “Barn Red” paint left. I think the roller is even still wet.

Of course we wouldn’t be making fun of this if he had run over a mother and her stroller!!!


He can blame the tires or the stars not being in alignment but it all boils down to one thing; likely someone with more money than sense, an inflated ego, and trying to show off for the public in a car that is more suited to race tracks or wide open desolate highways.

looks like minor damage. It bounced off the other cars. 100k, ur good to go.

“100k, ur good to go”

I’ll do it for only 99K.
Yosemite…Can I get some of that left-over Barn Red Paint?

The nouveau riche/nouveau capitalists must learn to crawl before they walk and walk before they run…

Rule 1: Always look cool, no matter what the circumstances.

Rule 2: See rule 1.

The driver may live by that code.

I’ll be nice…

Ya know lets build a house on the outer banks, when the hurricane comes, the insurance will cover it, bet the insurance covers this car also, whoops, no worries.

At least the fellow survived. Didn’t work out was well in a similar Ferrari accident that happened in 1983, here in San Jose. The CEO of a very successful computer company at the time – Eagle Computers – was driving his Ferrari home after work. This occurred on the very day of the company’s initial public offering of stock, an offering that would make him very wealthy. He crashed his car into a ravine, and died.