Random street races

when you go to a stoplight and there is another person next to you how can you tell if they want to race?

You’re kidding right?

Here’s what I think after your last post about mufflers & all that. I think that you should find a race track some where near your home. Find out what kind of race classes they have and get something that you can use to race. Use all of your “modding” energies there. Then leave your regular driver alone with the muffler intact. Take the racer to the track and get out all of your racing energies there. Leave the normal streets to people who need them for what they were made for - basic, safe transportation. You’re just leaving the impression that you are basically a menace on the roadways. Take that out to the track where it belongs.

That is obviously MHO, but like Mike, I’d call the cops on you too. The behavior is at best obnoxious, but likely more like dangerous.

I can usually tell by how stupid they look. Lower the IQ…the more likely they’ll want to race.

Blue lights on the top of the car. (They will race you anytime you want to.)

look man i dont have alot of cash and seeing as how the closest racetrack is 5 hours away that i can participate in i think im being realistic in taking the same route as every racer does in racing their car, so im sry if you can handle going 145 mph weaving through traffic but thats your problem not mine, im 17 and only will be that old once when i decide to be a bitch and go somewhere were “mature” people like you go ill go to the blue oyster or some other gay bar… have fun being a bitch jackass!

0 mufflers? Yes.

0 problems? No.

Thank you for proving my theory? 0muffler0problems.IQ=0

145 MPH in traffic? Are you effing nuts? You are putting other people in danger. Being 17, unless you spent years behind the wheel of a shifter kart, your driving skills are suspect. Such actions give real enthusiasts like myself a bad name. Where do you live exactly? I’m sure there’s racetrack or drag strip closer than 5 hours away. I won’t say I’ve never raced a guy from a stoplight before, but those times were under good conditions, broad daylight, divided highway, no traffic either way, etc. and the speeds were maxed out at around 70 MPH (55 MPH speed limit, and we are just playing around anyway).

17 going on 12. Look - there are internet boards where people talk about this kind of stuff, but this isn’t one of them. You’re not going to find many (any?) people here who think about cars and driving this way. Mostly you’ll get “mature” “bitch jackasses.” So if you really want to talk about this kind of thing, you’ll be much happier on a different board.

I hope you don’t hurt anyone, including yourself while you grow up a little.

The replies in this thread may be harsh and critical of you, but they are dead on. Take them seriously.

“i dont have alot of cash”

Clearly, the number of gray cells in his cranium are in short supply, just like his cash, and his ability to communicate in written English.

The things to look for are body damage and a dull look on the face that says “I am dumber than dirt.” This person is usually missing teeth and wears a mullet.

How can they tell if you DON’T ?


I have to do a lot of reasearch on the web for several of my classes and it is just like cigroller has reported, a lot of lame, junior high (remember when it became standard to refer to everone as “fag”?)behaviour. I visit those sites only by accident and leave quickly, 0muff would you also leave quickly?

Please leave