What do you do with the pretend "sports" cars

I have noticed a lot of junk cars like Neon, Civic, TL and Pontiacs (little ones) etc. pull up next to my Mustang GT and try to blow up their engine to out accelerate me. Fortunately due to my age and the confidence that 300 hp gives you, I have never taken up any one on this but it gets annoying.

How do you tell these poor souls that their car is a regular commute car no matter how large the spoiler is and I dont wannah race any one.

just ignore them…they go away when the light turns gren.

Why does this bother you?
How long have you been having these feelings?

Man it drowns out the sound of my sterio. It sounds like the little toy car is going to blow apart on the stop light. And in every case it is a little car with a huge spoiler and mullfer. Technically it should not bother me. However these people are going to hurt themselves or others by trying to do something their vehicles are not designed to do.
I must confess that once in a while I take my vehicle to the track to drive like a nut job without getting a ticket or endangering others.

some how I sense that there is an eager car racer hidden inside of you and you would love to leave them in the dust. Why not invite them to your track and really race them.

Are you kidding me. People who show up at the Track usually spend money on a decent sports car. You cannot do one on one racing. All you can do is drive like a nut job and have them time you.
But the issue is driving like a human being on your daily commute and saving your boy racer fantasies for the track. I guess it is more of an age / car type issue.
Toy cars are driven like crazy on the street because they cannot be driven decently on the track.

Actually, you can race at your local quarter mile track. They have grudge matches where people like you can challenge anyone and race them. There is a small fee. But that’s the price of amusement.

I’ll give you that 90% of those cars are crappy posers, but beware of those little Hondas. Some of those kids have some serious stuff hidden under the skin which makes THEM more a hotrod than anything the big3 have ever dreamt of putting together since the 60’s. 300hp is NOTHING these days. NOTHING!! I tried to pass some kids in a CRX who were poking along to slow on a country road. Little did I know, they were drawing me in to show me some humility. I didn’t pass 'em OR even keep 'em in my sight in my M3… Turbos in tiny bodies equal power and speed…

Roll down the window and tell them to you’ll run them a couple or three blocks for 40 bucks cash.

Some years back a guy here had a '68 2-DR post Biscayne; a typical grandma car with no chrome that looked drab other than the oversized tires all the way around.
That Biscayne had a 4:11 locker in the rear coupled to a 4 speed manual, which was attached to a fully built 427 with dual 4’s and long tube headers with dumps.
He would go to outlying towns where people did not know him and goad some of the locals into a run for money type of thing. The race was often over before it started since the opponent would be stunned by granny’s car lunging from a dead stop and the sound of those headers becoming uncorked.

If you follow the show “Pinks” they actually did a “domestic” against “tuner” show a few weeks back. A 4th generation Trans-Am against a heavily modified Honda Civic that was allegedly putting out 600 HP with twin turbos or something like that.
It was a total beat down. The Honda was getting whacked badly and you never heard so much excuse making; my clutch is going away, I’m losing my trans gears, my waste gate’s not working, I think I’ve got an electrical problem, yada, yada, yada. They acted like a bunch of spoiled Jr. High students.

When I get that in my Tbird (which is admittedly not very fast but has a nice-sounding exhaust), I’m inclined to rev the motor, give the other driver that “let’s go” nod, and then when the light turns green, he launches like he’s racing for his mother’s virtue, and I just feather the throttle and slowly proceed. And if you line up at the next light, do it all over again. Drive’s 'em crazy.

mmhmmm. Guy in my car club embarassed a Vette in his supercharged CRX at Road America one year. The Vette guy was pretty pissed. Half the cylinders, but a lot more speed :wink:

it’s not at all uncommon anymore to see a CRX with a 165 base hp motor swap that’s been built and boosted to well over 200hp. 200hp in a 2300lb car makes for a seriously entertaining ride.

People think they’re slow because they tend to do poorly at the drag strip without ridiculous modifications, but that’s just because FWD always has a launch disadvantage next to RWD. In a real race (that would be, a race in which you turn, BOTH ways. :wink: ) they can surprise you.

Nice! Nice! I used to do that with my first M3. It had a nice raspy muffler too.

Just ask them if their mom knows they took the car.

I agree with pj1071. My son and I installed an 1995 H22A JDM engine with LS 5 speed transaxle in his 1992 Honda Accord. Stock this engine puts out 200 horses. Thats not bad for a stock 4cyl. engine! His engine is natuarly aspirated. He also installed a 2 1/4" exhaust. We also installed headers and a CAI on it. Other than that the engine is stock. His normal shift range is 7200 RPM’s when racing. Try that with your mustang gt and see how long it will last. If it will even each that high of RPM.

He also put the ground affects and big spoiler on it. So it is diffently a ricer.

He does’nt go out and try to street race but he also doesn’t back down either. It might be because he had a large window graphics on the front as well as the rear windsheilds that say “V 8 Killer”. He installed it after he beat his cousin in a 1975 Chevy Nova with a stroked out 383 cubic inch engine. He blew it up trying to keep up with him. Just to let fawadquazi know he has beaten most newer Ford Mustang GT’s that are stock. I’m talking from 1995 and up.

As suggested I would try to get these “pretend sports cars” to the track. Not only for safety sakes but also when you do get beat by them that is also the time to tell them you don’t want to race them anymore.

Just to let people know I have nothing against Fords or any other make of car. In matter in fact my last 4 cars have been Fords. One of them was a Mustang too and I loved to drive it. I’ve owened GM, Ford and Chrysler products.

I’ve just started working on imports (Hondas) and have been very impressed with the amount of power you can get out of these little import 4 cyl. engines.

I have seen the show. The one I saw wasn’t domestics against tuners. In it the Honda Civic made it to the final four. My question then would be then how many domestic cars did he beat untill he did loose?
I’ll have to watch it again if it comes back on but I don’t think it was as heavily modified as stated but I may be wrong. I do remember the host congratulating the driver for making it as far as he did.

A CRX would have to pack 344 HP to equal the stock weight:HP ratio of a stock Corvette Z06 (505 HP @ 3162#). The Z06 does not have a turbo, or a supercharger, or nitrous oxide. When it does, the HP is well over 1000. Now, someone might run their 300 HP CRX on the street (I hope not), but you will only find the 1000+ HP Corvettes on the track. BTW, the American Lemans series Corvettes advertised horsepower is 590. Still no turbo, supercharger, or nitrous. Maybe you also missed the Ford GT and Dodge Viper.

The show I saw was the half hour version and involved the TA and Honda only. I have no idea about what came before either one, if any. All I know is they made reference to settling the domestic/tuner argument at the start of the show.

You buy an old Voyager/Caravan with the 2.5L turbo engine in it. Nothin worse for your street cred than gettin beat by an old soccer mom vehicle

All is fine and dandy with the little toy cars being Muscle Car slayers, but my question still remains, why cant these jokers drive normal on the street and save their agression for the track. I love Mr. Josh’s idea of just driving these boy racers nuts. If I line it up with my buddy ( state cop) he can have a very busy day issuing speeding and noise violation tickets to these ricers. While I just cruise around the town doing speed limit.

I usually do my best to just ignore them and actually enjoy seeing them run around. My sons and I consider it “automotive comic relief”. As to why they do this I have no idea unless it has been drilled into their heads by MTV, Pimp My Ride, etc. that looking like this is cool. There are a few tasteful ricers around, but they’re few and far between.
Here’s a couple of episodes of where they could not be ignored.

About a year ago I went to Wichita, KS one Sat. afternoon to browse the aircraft salvage yard. While sitting in the left turn lane I hear that familiar Weedeater sound and an Eclipse with the works almost rammed me from behind. I creep up a bit and this jerk keeps riding my bumper. I turn out onto the deserted 4 lane and this guy pulls up beside me while riding the divider stripe, revs the engine, and sneers. (Bias against out of state plates maybe?)
Since I’m ticked by this point I nod at him, he nails it, and so do I. Two blocks later I’m ahead by about a dozen lengths, hit the brakes, and wave out the window for him to pull up. He then slams on the brakes and whips a U right in the middle of the 4 lane and took off the other way.
Jeez, I’m 58 years old as of today and no idea why he was picking on me and my Lincoln. Guess he did not know the Mark has almost 300 ponies under the hood!

The second was about 2 weeks ago. I’m sitting in the straight ahead lane at an intersection with hardly any traffic around. Here comes the chainsaw on wheels into the left lane beside me. Slouched in the seat, cap on backwards, stereo rattling the glass, scuffed paint, mismatched ground effects, etc.
He keeps looking over at me and revving the Weedeater up. After a few times it became irritating and I was getting ticked again.
I noticed the yellow blinked on for the cross traffic, of which there was none, so I lunged the Lincoln on him since he was watching me and not the light.
John Force would have been proud of this guy. I stopped but this guy nailed it hard, wheel hopping and sputtering right through a red light. Halfway through his turn it soaked in that he had been suckered. He got mad and I could hear that heap 3 blocks away still sputtering, revving some, sputtering some more, followed by falling flat on a gear change, and then repeating the process.
I had to pull over in an empty lot and listen to it. It was a quiet afternoon and I could still detect that guy trying to rev it a quarter mile away.

Here’s one of my favorite sites for laughs.