Street Racing Kills Spectators

About 2 weeks ago there was a street race on a rural highway after midnight in southern Maryland. There are no street lights on the road. About 3AM two of the cars left the line and a crowd of spectators poured into the road to see the progress of the race. A driver not participating in the race happened onto the race while the spectators were still in the road and hit several of them. Eight people died and many more were injured. Street racing isn’t just dangerous for the drivers, it is dangerous for anyone involved. If any visitors to our discussions race on the street, consider this information before you race again.

This falls under the 2% rule.

2% of the people on this planet are complete idiots!


You’re being overly generous.

I guess it’s possible that several dozen people all qualified for the Darwin Award at the same time, but that doesn’t make it any less tragic. And the tragedy doesn’t make street racing any more noble. As you may recall, young folks under 25, especially men, don’t have very good reasoning skills. I’m sue that you remember some of the silly things you did. I know I remember some of my dumber moments, and I’m sure you remember some of yours, too. Again, no justification for that silly, deadly behavior. It’s just a suggestion for compassion.

120,000,000 are complete idiots? I think there are more than that, and I think most of them live right here in the USA :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I’ve seen recently, stupidity and ‘red-neque-itis’ both are not truly patented in the USA. All over the world are local versions of ‘WTF’ and cries of ‘Y’all watch this’ in many different languages and dialects. You just see more hear because they are more local stories.