Dropped license down window slot

Hi there,

umm… Well, you see my problem based on the title. I was waiting to show my license to an authority when I became curious whether it would hold inbetween the window and window slot. At any rate, will pulling off the interior door panel reveal my ID?

Thanks for the help. David Q.


Removing the interior door panel should allow you to retrieve your license. If you’re lucky it will be lying at the bottom of the door.

You may need a service manual to show you where all the fasteners for the door panel are. Most of the panel will just “pop” off, but sometimes there are hidden screws, particularly in the arm rest area.

I agree with the previous posts, but before I pulled the panel I would compare that aggravation to the aggravation and cost of getting a replacement license. Different answers for different people in different situations.

You’re absolutely right that the acceptable resolution is highly dependent on each person’s unique situation. I’ve done enough door panel removals that it would be a no brainer for me. Regardless, I would go to just about any lengths to get my license back. A picture ID like that can be used for all kinds of identity theft purposes. No way I would let mine float around in there. Years down the road it could be recovered by someone with less than honest intentions. When I moved to MA, they were still using your SSN as your DL #!! They changed this practice some years back but there’s still too much potential for harm for my comfort level.

Yea, I would not consider taking the panel off, when I could just got get a replacement.

Good point to consider. But what are the chances that some crook is going to find it inside the door?

I’m not crooked enough to know how they could use the DL if they got it, but I’m sure they could. OTOH, I read in an authoritative article that the crooks have so many peoples’ ID data that the only reason you have not been hit is chance.

Its not too hard to do. There are some special tools that make it easier. I just had the panels off my 1990 in order to replace the weatherstripping. While in there I lubed up the window tracks and lock mechanisms as well. While not knowing how old your car is, this might be an opportunity to do some in door maintenance. I would not worry too much about the License if you decide to leave it there. How long will you keep the car? What are the chances of the panel ever being removed before it hits the crusher? But then again…

If you have manual windows the cranks can sometimes be an aggravation.