Window glass is loose

I have an '87 Nissan Pickup with 132,000 miles . It’s a backup vehicle, gets used only once every few weeks if the weather’s too nasty to ride my bike or I need to haul something. So it has spent most of the last decade parked.

Now, at 20 it’s starting to develop old card issues. Like the driver’s window. About half the time when it’s opened or closed it goes cockeyed and you have to straighten the glass with one hand while you crank or it jams.

I had it to a mechanic a couple of years ago to fix this, but it didn’t help much. Does anyone know of a fix, or is this just something I need to put up with given the age of the truck?

No, I can’t sell it and get a newer one. The AC still works.

Yeah, the AC is the most important criterion…

Pull the inner door panel off and take a look. The workings should become obvious. A Haynes manual from the local bookstore should help. Yes, this can be corrected. Without actually seeing it it’s kind of tough to guess whether it’s the guides, wear in the regulator assembly pivot points, or a loose connection of the regulator hardware to the glass.

The window regulator has either loosened up or is worn out.

Remove the inner door panel, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find one or more of the regulator mounting bolts have loosened up. Otherwise the regulator requires replacing.


How do the guides (rubber gaskets) in the window frame look? I agree with Tester, the regulator needs to be checked. Getting the inside door panel off should be easy. If you don’t have a Haynes book, Google the truck and door panel removal. You might come up with something on line.

Did the mechanic work in an auto glass shop? I had great results at one.