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My CA car registration sticker got stolen, AGAIN!?

This is the Nth time people steal my registration sticker! I have to pay like $30 dollars to get a new replacement! I’ve done everything to prevent people from stealing it. From cutting the sticker into like 100 little pieces with a razor, super glue it, and then put a layer of transparent super glue on top of it, and at last, I also bought a transparent license plate cover (a hard one) to protect the plate and the sticker… BUT still, people took out my frame, and broke the cover, and STOLE the sticker!!! This happened to me many times already, and I am tired to paying again and again for my sticker! WHAT DO I DO???

ps I’ve gotten pulled over because I didn’t know my sticker got stole. DVM does NOT care about this; what they really care is to charge me for the replacement sticker!

Is it getting stolen in the same place? Can you mount a camera to record who is stealing it?

How about locking the doors of the car!!!

How will that help? This sticker is on the license plate, not the inside of the windshield.

It sounds like you not only need a better license plate cover, you need license plate screws that can’t be removed by a thief.

If you can, look at an auto parts store’s theft-resistant license plate screws. The ones I have seen come with an allen wrench with a hole drilled in the end of it, which prevents the special screws from being removed with a plain allen wrench. There might be other (better) hardware. Next, instead of buying a cheap plastic license plate cover, go to the hardware store, buy a thick piece of plexiglass, cut it, and drill it, and mount it over the license plate.

How about putting your license plate in the rear window instead of mounting it outside the car?

Another alternative is to use snap rivets instead of screws. They must be drilled out to be removed. If you have never used snap rivets before, they require a special tool for installation. Ask someone at a hardware store who is knowledgeable to show you how to install the rivets.

Get a magnetic dealer license plate holder. Use it where your plate regularly goes when you drive the car. Take the plate and holder with you when you park where your stickers are being stolen


Thumbscrew lic. plate screws. Dealers use them sometimes. Remove them when you park at night. (assuming you park in private drive or garage.) Kind of a pain but better than having them stolen.

In many places it is not legal to park an unlicensed car on the street. If the OP lives in one of those, he’ll get tickets for parking on the street.

Would it be lagal if you ;
Put a sticker in its place the reads ‘see driver for license tag’,
then keep the sticker with you and explain the multiple thefts to the officer ?

A friend of mine played her “dumb blonde” card when stopped for outdated sticker.
– “oh, you mean this thingy right here” reaching in her glove box and producing the valid sticker.
– “Um, yes ma’am that’s it”
– “Well I knew I was supposed to have one but ON THE LICENSE PLATE ? That certainly didn’t seem logical to me”
– “well hand it to me ma’am and I’ll put it on for you.”

No citation ! :wink:

If it’s that much of a problem I’d seriously consider moving to another 'hood.

From a conspiracy theory standpoint, maybe the state of CA is sending out covert low wage thieves as part of the effort to cure their self-inflicted budget crisis. :slight_smile:


The idea that you can get pulled over when the DMV already knows that they gave you a sticker is a problem. Do they think that you are a serial fraud artist? Everytime they give you a new sticker another plate looks legit, just not yours. Sorry for your problem but it is just a sticker and as easy as it is to put on…

Many of us don’t live in CA…So when you said registration sticker…Many states…the registration sticker is on the INSIDE-WINDSHIELD.

Move to a better neighborhood…You are the only one with this problem…

When this was happening here in GA, the thieves were taking the stickers and would sometimes cut the corner of the plate off with the sticker attached. I purchased a metal license plate frame with a thick plastic cover and tamper-resistant screws. This was enough of a deterrent to where they would look for an easier target.

Now, GA prints the plate number on the sticker and has an electronic database of all properly registered plates in GA. Some cars even have a camera system capable of reading plates at a rate of 2 plates a second and comparing them to that database, alerting the officers when a questionable plate was scanned. Get caught with a sticker not matching the plate means a felony arrest and the car impounded. Get caught with an expired registration is just a ticket, a non-moving violation ticket. That stopped this sticker theft problem quickly.

If someone is stealing your stickers even after you cut them into little pieces with a razor blade, my guess is that it is someone out to

A. Get to you
B. Pay you back for something they think you did
C. Piss you off
D. Get you to move
E. All of the above

If a tag frame, hard tag cover, tamper resistant torx screws, and slitting the decal all at once don’t work, it’s definitely E.

WOW! This makes having someone attempt to arson my car seem tame by comparison. Do you park on the road, on a private driveway or what?? If I was you id try a different parking spot.

can you actually put the license plate inside in the rear window? I mean, is that legal in California? Cuz that’d be great! (hope they don’t break the window :P)

aw, lucky! last time i got a citation because of that! :stuck_out_tongue:

after Xth time of stealing my sticker, i decided to keep it in my car, and i explained to the officer when i got pulled over… but he still gave me the citation :frowning:

i think this system is purposely intended to make people pay more money for that cheap sticker so the gov have more money :frowning:

lol, i think so too!

actually DMV told me to report to the police so they can go look for the sticker… and i was like… sure, they will go around looking for that tiny mini piece of sticker… car by car and matching the numbers… -_-"