Can't get interior passenger side door panel off '93 Camry wagon

Trying to replace the window regulator on front passenger side door of a '93 Toyota Camry wagon. Can’t get the interior door panel off. All the clips and screws came out except the one right smack in the middle of the door, accessed through the deepest part of the armrest. Screwdriver engages it, but screw just keeps spinning in the hole, will not loosen or tighten, and panel is on so tight at that spot that I can just barely get my fingers in under the edges now that the clips are popped loose. Any ideas how to get the blasted thing to come out of there? The driver’s side panel came off without any trouble at all. I am on the verge of MIG welding a hacksaw blade to a piece of flat steel strap long enough to reach in the necessary two feet to try to cut the screw. Panel is made of some kind of really cheesy cheap fiberboard and I am afraid I will destroy it if I pull too hard. One clip on the bottom edge of the drivers side panel already came out of its attachments in the flimsy stuff. Apparently someone removed that panel at least once before I did. Please inform! Thanks!

If it was my car,I would pull on the panel until it comes loose.

I would wedge something against the screw head to prevent it from turning, and drill the head of the screw off.


If you can find a hole saw a shade bigger than the screw head cut through the fiberboard then figure out a way to remove the screw when you put it back together put a flat washer on the screw.

Screw head is down inside a hole in the armrest about 2 inches deep. Just enough room for the screwdriver. Have to find something long and flat enough to go behind the panel to get some pressure on it.

Screw is 2 inches deep inside the arm rest… Not sure I can find anything that will not damage the arm rest part…