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Window panel issues

My girlfriend has a habit of locking he keys n the car. aftr her last lock out she decided to get a screw driver and peal back all of the black weathr striping and moulding from the door panel. she then pulled the window towrards her creating a gap in which she could reach her arm through to unloc the car. Needless to say the weather stripping is loose now. I have tried puting lock tight and a few othe things on there and locking the window down with a vice. It will hold for an hour or so and then pops back again. Anybody have a way to lock this stuf back in place? (and yes, amazinly the window still rolls up and down!) This is a 99 Taurus

Is this your car or her car? If it is her car, leave it alone. She’ll just break all your work apart again the next time she locks herself out.

If it is your car, take it to a body shop for a proper repair. Present her with the repair bill. Then NEVER let her use your car again.

Leaving the car weatherstripping is disarray will add to the stress on the window mechanism. Overtime the window motor, or regulator will fail and the window will not work anymore.

Thanks for the reply, it is not my car (thank GOD!) or she would have repair bill in front of her right now. It actually has helped having the stripping screwed up as she has locked the keys in the car again since the first incident. Now I am trying to figure out how to reset the keyless entry so she doesn’t screw it up again once we fix it!

I think that some medical intervention may also be needed. Anyone can lock his/her keys in the car once, perhaps even twice during a lifetime. If this behavior on her part is ongoing, she needs to speak to her physician about her memory problems or her inability to focus on what she is doing. No, I am not kidding, as this syndrome could be an indicator of some serious neurological issues.