Power windows stuck

I have an 03 Ford Taurus I recently bought. It had a remote starter put in it. About a month later none of my windows will go down. What first happened was only the drivers window went down but not up. I finally got it up messing with the door lock on my remote and it will still go down but going up is another thing, just hit or miss for days. Still none of my other windows will go down. Any ideas? Thanks!

The first thing you always have to find out is whether or not the window switches are actually sending power to the window motors. This comes down to door panel removal and the use of an electrical meter or at least a 12V test light.

If that sounds like something you’re going to get into then you can pick up a $20 repair manual for the car at an auto parts store. It will tell you how to remove the door panels and check the power/switches and stuff.

If it doesn’t sound like something you will get into then you take it to a good local mechanic.

Either way, I’d suggest getting a box full of new door panel retainers - exact match OEM. Either you or the shop will probably need them if the door panels are ever going to stay on correctly.

Thanks for replying so fast. I think I will take it to a mechanic. Only because I think it has something to do with the anti theft of the remote starter too. I see the theft light occasionally coming on and off too. Plus having to check if the switches are sending power to the window motors. I don’t have a whole lot of extra cash for diagnosis and I know sometimes that is what can be costly besides obviously motors for the windows. I will for sure pick up the box of the door panel retainers, great idea. I don’t want the door panel half way put on which has happened with other cars I have had fixed by a mechanic when they didn’t have the correct retainers to hold a piece of trim on and it doesn’t look good. Appreciate your time.

On the retainers, you can obviously find those through Ford, but the last time I needed them I got them from an auto body supply shop in my area. The were easier to deal with and, of course, had much better prices. The retainers they sold me were high quality and probably the same ones a dealership would have supplied.