Drivers side window stuck on my 1999 ML430 mercedes - any ideas?


The drivers side window on my 1999 ML430 will not open. I want to repair it - any suggstions?


I assume it is a power window?. You will need to find out what the problem is. There are several parts that may break or it may just need adjustment Does it make any noise when you try to close it?


ML’s are now infamous for failing window switches.

The entire multi-switch unit should be swapped out of the center console.

You can buy the unit on ebay at about $120 and pay
$60 for someone to install it. Or, enrich a dealer
at about $300.

Be sure to get a unit that matches your year and model.

Alternatively, on the MB DIY site a carnut has instructions on how to do a “surgical” repair using things you find around your house. I wasn’t tempted.