Toyota Camry 98 - drivers side window problem

since we’re finally seeing nice weather here in MN I had my window down and it wouldn’t go back up. Then after about the 20th time I tried it it went back up. I know it’s a short, but has anyone else dealt with this or know a good way to fix it?

My motor went out about that time. Probably not a short or you would have blown a fuse. Time to replace it, I’ll bet.

Either the switch or the window motor/regulator. The power supply has to be checked to determine which is at fault and the door panel must come off.

I know very little about cars unfortunately.

If it’s the motor, why does it work some of the time?

If I brought it to the dealer any idea what it should cost ballpark?

My motor got ‘tire’, would occaisionally work. I tried replacing the switch first, didn’t solve the problem. You can call the dealer, or a trusted independent, for an estimate.

Depends on the fault. If it’s just the switch there is about 30 minutes labor plus the switch.
That includes bringing the vehicle inside, testing and getting the switch from the parts department IF it’s in stock.

If the door panel has to come off to inspect further, add more labor time.
Plus whatever parts are needed.

I can’t tell you what the cost would be as that varies all over the map.

Alright, thanks for the thoughts. I contacted a Toyota dealer and will post the outcome.