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1999 pontiac montana power window issue

I have a 1999 pontiac montana. the passenger side window will not go up or down. the electic motor works and I have checked the fuses and relays. neither switches work from drivers side door panel or passener side,any ideas would be appreciated.thanks

Since you say the electric motor works we must conclude that some type of disconnect exists between the window regulator and motor exists, you need to remove the door panel and check it out.

I did remove the door panel, I got the window up by runninng two wire leads from window motor to my 12 volt battery jumper box.window rolled up fine.It doesnt make sense to me that both window switches [driver and passenger side] would fail at the same time.Not sure what regulators job is in the process.

the wires in the driver door jam can break from normal use over time. the wires may look ok but be broken inside. pull the door jam boot back and pull on each of the wires to see if any are acually broken

Dindnt think about that,thanks for the input

I am out on this one. I just, well when people hold back info they can fix it without my help.

I have an '00 Silhouette - basically the same van. My problems started when the passenger’s side window wouldn’t go up. I seemed to have power everywhere & the motor was fine when jumped. The grounds were fine. After a new switch cured nothing I spent another half a day with a multimeter chasing what amounted to electrical phantoms.

I finally got everything working perfectly simply by a thorough cleaning of all of the connectors (friction & electronics cleaner) and cleaning & relubing the regulator tracks & window stripping. I haven’t had a problem since.

thanks cigroller, I removed door panel again and sprayed like compressed air you would use on computer keyboard to no avail, also I pulled back door jam boot to check for loose wires or connections and sprayed more compressed air also to no avail. As for oldschool I didnt think I left out any helpful info other than the van is white.

Compressed air won’t do it. Get a can of electronics cleaner - any auto parts, hardware, electronics-type store will carry it. Scrape on the connectors with anything small enough to rough them up some and then blast it with electronics cleaner. I can’t tell you that will do it, but I can tell you that if it needs it compressed air won’t do much of anything.