Window repair

Can anyone help me? My drivers side window won’t go up or down. Taken it to the mechanics and they’ve changed the window regulator twice now. The said that the regulator is fine, but from the last time it snapped, the wire had caused a dent/damage to the metal. I don’t want to have to get a new car door, can anyone suggest anything? Or has anyone had a similar issue before?
Thank you!

is it still under warranty?

if yes -> escalate to BMW corporate

if not -> find a better mechanic


Unfortunately not.
Will do, thank you!

It’s not necessarily the regulator. It could be the regulator/motor, switch, wiring, or the window might be hanging up on something in the window track. Your shop needs to check everything.

oh… some shops adopt the “no code - no problem” attitude lately…
do you mean they need to actually inspect the mechanical part of it?!?!
how you dare to suggest that :slight_smile:

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