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Power windows 1974 mercedes 280 c

I have a 1974 Mercedes 280 C. Two of the power windows no longer work…the driver rear (stuck down) and the passenger front (stuck up). The problem started with middle console switches…the right bank (passenger controls) the small chrome surrounding piece popped off and caused the switches to get stuck then fall apart. I was trying to put them back together and got a spark…ooops car was on and i was using metal tweezers…then the rear driver side no longer worked??? others work. Do the switches need to be replaced or is it a bigger electrical problem. Checked fuses…all fine. Help!

I would assume you need new switches. Definitely sounds like a fuse. I would replace the switches and then go from there. Could be shorted at the switch and is driving the window down no matter if the door switch says up. When you replace these remove the ground side of the battery before you start work. This applies to any electrical work.

Thanks for the response. I ordered new switches…hoping that is the only problem. The fuses are all fine unless the switches have a fuse built into them. Just weird that only one switch of each bank of switches (two switches per bank…one to control front and one to control rear) isn’t working and the other fine. one is stuck up and one is stuck down. Just worried it is a bigger elec problem but will try the switches.