Power window oh no

I have a2003 GMC Sierra with 146,000 miles. Yesterday morning when I lowered the driver side window, I heard a loud pop. After which the window would not go up when I pulled on the up button. However, when I pushed the DOWN button the window went back up. This was to me a good thing. It stayed up until this morning when while trying the passenger window I accidentally touched the driver side switch It dropped a little then slowly went down about a half inch as I drove. Luckily when I pressed the down button it went back up again. I’ve Benn told it is the window regulator. Does anyone have any ideas for a fix to this?

Pull the driver’s door panel and take a look at the window mechanism. If you have experience with this repair then you probably can fix it. If not…I recommend a good independent mechanic. If you were in freezing conditions this might be a normal sound. If the temperatures are above freezing then you have a problem.

Thanks, the temp at the time was 22 degrees. I will have to check that out. I’ve seen a video on how to replace the regulator. I just have to face the cold temps here while I do it.

Can you hear the motor run when you pull the window button up? If not, it’s probably the motor. But it is easiest to replace the regulator and motor assembly at the same time. You will find that a GM replacement unit is shockingly expensive. If you plan to keep the truck for, say, 5 or more years, you might want to buy it, though. The aftermarket units are iffy, but I finally found a supplier I like. If you want to know the name, I’ll post it for you. The price will be about $100 vs. something like $350 from GMC. Note that I am not a professional mechanic. My experience is just with an old Buick I owned.

Thanks, I would like to know the name of the supplier. $100 is better than $300. Especially cheaper for a do it yourself project vs going to the dealership.

Dorman. About $82 on eBay.

@ecnar I agree with @jtsanders Dorman has made aftermarket regulators for years and the quality is fair for the price. Definitely order online. Many of the “brick and mortar” parts stores stock Dorman parts, but the markup is astronomical.

Thanks, I will check this out.

Good advice. You have my sympathy. A bad window can disable a car from winter driving as fast as a lot of bad mechanical problems. Think about biting the bullet and taking it to a body shop. You get into it and find out a few well intended guesses from afar aren’t quite what it is, your car could be undrivable for days or longer while You drive from one place to another looking for advice and or parts. I never got into anything like that without a heated garage and a backup car/ plan. Or, pray it doesn’t fall till spring…my cheap advice. You still have others that work.

Well, it turns out the cable snapped on the regulator. I purchased a Doorman replacement regulator and motor assembly. I installed myself today and so far it works fine. I paid $84 online and picked it up at a local parts store. Thanks again for the comments and advice.