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2002 Honda Accord EX - water leak on drivers side floor mat

The leak is only present when it rains. It drops from behind the dashboard onto the foot rest (left of the break pedal) soaking the floor mat and carpet. Where is the water coming from and how can I plug the leak?

Chris from rainy Pittsburgh

The windshield might be leaking. Have you ever had the windshield replaced? The gasket might not have been installed correctly. Or even if original to the car, the neoprene surrounding the edge of the windshield may have cracked. You may need to have the windshield removed and neoprene gasket replaced. This might be covered by you comprehensive insurance, so check.

It could also be rain coming in through the air venting system. Sometimes leaves, sticks, spiders, etc can clog this up. Especially consider this if you routinely park under trees.

If this car has a sunroof, check the drains for that, too. They’re located in the front of the sunroof, and you’ll see that they’re little holes leading into the cars roof. There should be a drain, normally just behind the front fender, inside each front door. If you open the door and look in towards the fender, you should see them.


Hello, I just looked into that problem in a 2000 Honda EX and what I found out is that the cable that opens the hood is right below the drain tube for the sunroof. The cable has a plastic cover as it comes in or out of the driver side like a sleeve to avoid any water to come into the car if that plastic is broken water will coming that was the probem I had. In order for you to see or repair it, you have to take the fender off to have access to that area and be able to repair it.