Water Inside My Car

I have a 2005 Chevy Equinox that has developed an odd issue. For about a month, after a good rain, I have a puddle of water in the floor carpet of the front passenger side - while parked. It develops from the center of the car to about the middle of the floor below the seat. So since that is the case I don’t think the side window is leaking but I have looked for signs of water coming in. Nothing. The windshield was replaced about 5 years ago but again, no signs that water is coming in from there either. It can’t be from the bottom of the car, right? I mean it happens while it is parked, so that doesn’t make sense. Any ideas? Thank you!

Does this vehicle have a sunroof? If so, that would be my first suspect.

If it doesn’t have a sunroof, then I would suggest that you have a good glass shop check for leaks at the bottom on the windshield. Once water leaks into the car, it can travel a surprising distance, so don’t rule out the possibility of a bad seal at the bottom of the windshield.

Another possibility is a leak in the roof “gutter” seam that’s dripping down inside the interior trim and ending up on the floor. I had a leak like that in my old Honda. There was a pinhole in the gutter seam sealer. I had to remove interior trim and sit inside the car while someone outside sprayed the car with a hose in order to locate the leak.

Have you tried taking it through a carwash and looking for the leak?

make sure that the fresh air vent at the bottom of the windshield (where the windshield wipers rest) is clear of debris and that the vent hole drains to the bottom of the vehicle. this is a very common source of water getting in to the interior. drain gets clogged and overflows in to vehicle. also check your a/c evaporator and make sure that its drain is clear of debris and venting properly.

The windshield was replaced about 5 years ago...

A prime suspect. Get some silicone windshield sealer and seal the bottom and sides.

Another possibility is the fresh air intake for the cabin. I had this problem on a car a few years back. The intake was below the windshield on the passenger side and above the blower motor. A window gasket about 1 foot long was fitted to the bottom of the windshield, and it came loose. This allowed water to enter the blower motor through the fresh air intake. While a GM car, it was not an Equinox. Even though it is not the same vehicle, it is worth a look to see if your system is similar to mine.