Water leak

I have a 2003 Honda civic. When it rains water leaks inside and soaks the carpet under the diver’s feet and the left side a the back seat. There is no sign of water on the dashboard or driver door, so I don’t think the leak is coming from the windshield or drivers window. Could it be coming under the dashboard and running down the floor board? Where would I take the car to try and get this fixed?

Do you have a sunroof?

Get in the car and have somebody spray around the door seal with a good hose and see if you can find a leak just to ensure its not something obvious like the door seal.

I had this happen to me kind of. Ended up that over the many years of opening and closing the door, the latch on the body was out of adjustment, not allowing the door to squeeze tight when closed.

Body (collision) shops are the best at finding leaks.

I have the exact same problem with my 1994 Accord. Driver’s side carpet both front and rear are soaked after a rain storm, no evidence of water coming in anywhere. We are in a drought and would not really want the neighbors watching me squirt a hose all over my car… did the person with this problem who started the discussion get a resolution?



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@lovin60 i guess in a sence, your problem doesnt need to be solved considering it wont rain! Haha

is the car level during the entire soaking process?

what is under the hood along the firewall? my car is notorious for getting a rusty battery tray which forms holes.

is your windshield old? I am not asking because of the windshield per se, I am asking because if it is pitted and bad, some insurance systems might allow an easy replacement. You could get it replaced (and specifically, resealed) then see if the problem “goes away”.

@joelr4982 wrote: “There is no sign of water on the dashboard or driver door, so I don’t think the leak is coming from the windshield or drivers window.”

I think when a similar thing happened to me, I ruled out the door prematurely because it wasn’t wet. over time, it would be expected not to be wet - however, the pools of water are… shake your door back and forth - any sloshing? specific points are: are your window scrapers in good shape? additionally, are the small rectangular ports on the bottom edge of your doors clear of debris? water goes past the scraper (… the scraper is the rubber thing on the outside of the window on the bottom…) and down into the door, and thus needs an exit through the ports. You could see about taking the door panel off (my car is easy), and assess well the above two points.

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