1995 Toyota Camry - Electric windows


I have replaced the motor and the switch on the electric window and it still will not operater on its own. If I use a battery charger to move the window down, it will go up and close using the switch.

It will not go down after that using the switch. Switch in the driver’s door has the same result for the same window.

I checked the pink fuse under the dash behind the A/C vent and found it to be working. I checked the switch and found that it is changing the polarity, but the window will still not go down.

What am I missing here?


The left front window has power to it by the blue wire from the fuse. The two white/black wires from the master window switch go to ground. Check that they do. The red wire, when positive (and the green wire negative) powers the window motor for DOWN. The green wire, when positive (and the red wire, when negative), powers the window UP. With the red and green wires disconnected from the switch, if you attach the negative battery (charger) lead to one wire, and the positive lead to the other wire, the window will move up (or, down). If you reverse the leads to positive and negative, the window will go down (or, up).